Aku no Onna Kanbu: Full Moon Night R - 02 (OVA悪の女幹部フルムーンナイトR #2 蚤知之士) [2020][720p-HEVC-WEBRip][RAW]

2020-11-07 17:03 UTC
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  • Aku no Onna Kanbu Full Moon Night R - 02 (OVA悪の女幹部フルムーンナイトR #2 蚤知之士) [2020][720p-HEVC-WEBRip].mkv (464.5 MiB)
Thank you! Out of curiosity, is the reason your T-Rex releases are in 720p, while many of your other releases are now being upscaled to 1080p, due to the resolution of the sources (like with PP stuff being in 940p)?
The source resolution for PP stuff isn't 940p, it's 1080p. The *native resolution* is 940p for most of the stuff from them, which is a bit different than source resolution. T-Rex stuff is a mix of 720p and 1080p source resolution, however; they simply don't upscale well enough with a big enough noticeable difference even with FSRCNNX. So the result would be a pointless 1080p video with like 2.5x the file size (mostly due to the grain.) The native resolution of most of their stuff under the BW label seems to be 540p anyway, so 720p is already an upscale as well. Something sort of related is that Mary Jane DVDs upscale very well with FSRCNNX and look far better than T-Rex's 540p WEB stuff, so I will be releasing those as upscales since the desirable video consistency is lost when they are downsized to 576p to conform to NYAA's DVD resolution limit. Therefore, they won't be uploaded here on NYAA. I wouldn't want muh "proper" upscales to be mixed in with the many, many poor quality upscales of hikiko123's encodes that infest NYAA anyway.
Thanks for the explanation. It's unfortunate that T-Rex stuff is at low native resolution on top of all the errors they have in their releases. Ooohh...I mentioned my love for New Generation before, which typically does work for Mary Jane, so that's awesome news! I had no idea Nyaa had a DVD resolution limit (why only DVDs?). Will they actually enforce and remove files that go over it? I don't quite understand, since I've seen plenty of 720p/1080p DVD upscales on this site. I'm guessing they're poor upscales because of that arbitrary limit (along with w/e ugly filters they use)? Also, if not Nyaa, where will you upload your releases? I'm in your Discord, so I assume you'll announce it there?
Yup, New Generation is what most of them will be. They're definitely my favorite from MJ. New Generation is top tier and Hajimete no Hitozuma was my favorite hentai this year. NG's stuff deserves to be archived with a more respectful video copy than they currently have. 576p is the DVD limit because of PAL DVDs being that resolution I think. NYAA seems to be pretty lenient with DVD upscales though since they have let Sakurato.sub and Maho.sub keep their hikiko123 re-encodes here for years despite them clearly being against the *le epic rules*. There is a moderator that will *usually* remove stuff if it's reported and clearly against the rules, but it would be quite a task to keep NYAA 100% clean. Most of the upscales on here are "poor" simply because they are re-encoding Hikiko123's raws, which is a terrible source for obvious reasons. There is a lot of "HD" trash from anonymous uploaders that is likely double warpsharped, or has waifu2x involved in the upscale. A lot of streaming sites still cling to either warp-sharping hikiko123's raws a second time to "improve" it, or throwing it through waifu2x, which further fucks the source material up. A lot of those are then uploaded here by users that like the look of those shitty over-sharpened videos, further adding to the trash heap of terrible rips present on this tracker. HentaiHaven was like the only decent hentai streaming site as they didn't appear to use warpsharp or other dumb sharpening filters for most of their HD upscales, so those are a decent copy to have for any idiots that actually archive streaming site re-encodes. Yup, discord. Also, these kind of nerdy talks are best had in discord to be honest. I guess I could upload my FSRCNNX meme upscales here as well since they'll be far better than any current rip available for those series.
Thanks once again for imparting your knowledge. Hajimete no Hitozuma is also one of my favorites from this year. The best version I could find was maho's version, which is slightly better than hikiko's and doesn't ruin it with over-sharpening, incorrect colors, and whatever causes the linework to become inexplicably darker and thicker. I'm all too aware of the terrible practices of popular hentai streaming sites. I was once a patron of hanime before realizing their "upscales" were utilizing "techniques" that scrubbed out details and fucked up the colors. A large part of the reason I stopped supporting them actually, was because I stumbled upon your releases and upon comparison, realized just how screwed up their encodes were. If you prefer Discord over Nyaa, I can do that. Would it be alright to PM you there though? I like to be able to check older messages, which can get lost in general chat, and it's why I've been commenting here instead. I think it would be nice if you could upload your MJ releases here as well, since all your other releases are anyways, and there's definitely people here who aren't in your Discord and would certainly appreciate your work.
I am very concerned with your uh opinion of Maho's encode. Maho's is a re-encode of hikiko123's raw, as I've said. It's not like it's an original encode from the original DVDs, so the issues are still clearly present and even made worse in some cases like more sharpening present in Maho's that makes stuff like hair strands look odd. The line art in Maho's encode is the only thing that's really fixed decently, but it still looks wonky and wobbly as fuck when compared to the original DVDs. A lot of haloing was introduced from their upscale, so it looks worse in some ways than hikiko123's. It also amplifies the wobbly line art, which isn't really desirable. The line art in both Maho's and Hikiko123's is thinner than it should be because of warpsharp and the upscale algorithm that Maho used. It's only really worth downloading Maho's if you can't use madvr ngu aa or mpv with ravu as upscalers on your media player setup. Anyways, you can take a look at [this comparison](https://slow.pics/c/ONFi81OP) to see just how bad the warping is in hikiko123's and Maho's re-encode when compared to a proper rip and the source DVD. And of course you can PM me. I talk to plenty of lads that don't participate in general. I'm just another lad that faps to cartoons, except I actually care what my porno cartoons look like a bit more than the average coomer.
I do realize maho's encodes are re-encodes and after looking at your comparison pics, I definitely see the loss of detail due to overzealous sharpening. What I was doing was basically comparing hikiko's and maho's encodes side by side in MPC with madvr (default settings). I was getting aliasing in the line art from hikiko's encode, whereas maho's smoothed it out. I compared multiple frames and I dunno, at least to my plebeian eyes, maho's looked better. For now, this'll have to do until something better comes along. *Fingers crossed* Also, I'll transition over to Discord next time and shoot you a message if I have a question. Thanks!
thanks for sharing!!
So you give a lot time on this hentai. thanks for doing that. I appreciate it.