Aku no Onna Kanbu: Full Moon Night R - 01 (OVA悪の女幹部フルムーンナイトR #1 喋喋喃喃) [2020][720p-HEVC-WEBRip][RAW]

2020-10-03 00:09 UTC
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  • Aku no Onna Kanbu Full Moon Night R - 01 (OVA悪の女幹部フルムーンナイトR #1 喋喋喃喃) [2020][720p-HEVC-WEBRip].mkv (450.8 MiB)
Thank you! Any plans to do the 3 prequel episodes? I currently have encodes for them from HQR (Onna Kanbu) and Sangen-Rips (Full Moon Night), but I wouldn't mind seeing your take as well. Is this the first digital release from T-Rex that they messed up so badly?
No plans. A few older things from BW I have released have messed up flashing colors which I will make a v2 for eventually (a minor issue.) These are due for another revision anyway because my workflow has improved quite a bit since I first started. Even stuff that has already has a revision. The DVDs for these series also have these color issues, so that issue isn't digital exclusive. The first digital release that was super messed up was Ane wa Yanmama Junyuuchuu episode 2. Tons of missing frames in their encode. BW appears to have issues adapting to current standards. Growing pains from adapting from the telecined media era to a more modern format.
Hey, have u ever saw muchohentai sources. They used some enhanced filters to sharpen pictures very good ( Some video I can even see 1px stroke, not like another versions with 3px or even 4px stroke ). I'm not consider about the color yet, but may be they used 8-bits not 10-bits, so hard to distinguish. Your work is amazing about color but can u add a little more sharpen filter to picture make it better in big monitor - I think after that it can completely compete to any BD version :D
@**Rai007**: Use sharpening with your video player if you want a sharper picture. Problem solved. [Here's a comparison of Muchohentai's rip to my rip for Succubus Stayed Life](https://slow.pics/c/GAZsBFTl). It's not released yet on my end, but I'll put it out soon. I think I'll pass on using Muchohentai as a source, my dude. Not really a viable source for a good quality release since it was nuked with waifu2x or something like that and it's bitstarved. I'm using this series as a comparison because Pink Pineapple is the only stuff they source themselves. The rest of their stuff is re-encodes of hikiko123 from here on NYAA, or even mine sometimes. I'm more of a quality oriented guy myself and I generally try to respect the source as much as possible, so there isn't any enhancements here except for correcting bad source upscaling. PS, The sharpness for this is just fine on my 55" TV with MADVR upscaling with jinc resize, so perhaps invest in a better video player solution for your big monitor, big guy. You will get similar sharpness that Muchohentai encodes have without the detail loss from waifu2x, etc.
Thx, good to know about that info. yeah some videos on their sites is over filter blur or something make color very terrible like 'Succubus Stayed Life'.
I talk to MH's owner from time to time. Our goals are a bit different, but we both have a love for hentai. Third party streaming sites are a good place for a quick fap, but they definitely aren't a source for an archivable release unfortunately.
I'm a man just use ffmpeg for encoding and transcoding video, not like many advance softwares ^^. My goal is reach higher level of video/image enhancement, 480p -> BD got completely better on colors, strokes, contrast . . . Well, this kind of work can apply to ton of things in multimedia field of real life. Some of them even relate to github AI projects . . . they enhance a blurring picture to unbelieved level that's very good for some old stuffs.
Look into FSRCNNX. It's an actual good AI upscaler that brings SD stuff up to a good sharpness. It's built into MPV if your system has a good enough video card, or you can use NGU with a MADVR setup which is the same algorithm. It's a bit more tricky if you want to use it to actually encode videos using it since you'll need to learn how to use vapoursynth or avisynth+. Stay away from waifu2x, it's old and sucks arse. Anime4k comes up too when searching for anime AI upscalers, but it's a fake upscaler that doesn't have any "AI" involved. I have no idea why you're talking about changing colors, "strokes", and contrast. Except of course changing the color coefficients from BT.601 to BT.709, which is a good idea when upscaling. Your goal sounds like a terrible path to take and you'll just be fucking up the original intent. These are just suggestions that'll help you not be laughed at and ridiculed. You do you, I guess. Good luck with your mission or whatever.
thanks for sharing!
Very good. thanks for this.