[Alice no Takarabako (Mizuryu Kei)] Welcome to Mizuryukei Land - The 2nd Day x3200 [Fakku & Irodori Comics]

2020-09-30 13:49 UTC
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  • [Alice no Takarabako (Mizuryu Kei)] Welcome to Mizuryukei Land - The 2nd Day.cbz (49.2 MiB)
Wait, what the fuck ? Mizuryu Kei made it to Fakku? We live in the best timeline ! Get ready for raining sloot, bois.Thanks, op Imma seed this series till no end.
Mizuryukei Land!! Thank you!
@oneloliman I am sorry to inform you that this is actually the worst timeline. Translations have been on the panda for years, but now those and the original raws have been purged by Irodori.
@cliesthe but now you get to enjoy high resolution uncensored versions of them
@Sneedster The original pirated scans were x3000, and the censorship wasn't that big a deal anyway. I'd much rather see them widely disseminated than occasionally leaked through paywalls.
Are you really upset that his books is available on Fakku too. The same book store that random people have been ripping the contents and redistributing as free pirate content since Fakku going legit in 2013? What the fuck is wrong with you and you're like minded people lmao? Just pirate in silence, pretend it's fucking 1995 or something lmao.
@gorgonkeyboard No one's upset at something being sold on Fakku. What people are upset over is that Fakku/Irodori is DMCAing the living fuck out of Exhentai. You're also wrong about Fakku going legit in 2013 because it happened in 2014. Mizuryu Kei used to actually work with Project-Hentai in the past and you could legally buy his books in English at Project-Hentai, but the cunt owner of Irodori convinced Mizuryu Kei to hand over his works' copyright to Irodori, and Irodori used this opportunity to force Project-Hentai to remove all of his works. I know this because I bought a bunch of his stuff from Project-Hentai many years ago, and it's no longer sold on Project-Hentai. Please do not attempt to defend Fakku/Irodori because there's nothing positive to say about those two shitrags.