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2020-09-28 19:12 UTC
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### The Only -- For Me That Adores Too Much Minipack #### A series by Prestige "The Only -- For Me That Adores Too Much Minipack" (Japanese: ランジェリーメイド) is an undead series by Prestige, starting in March 2015 with ABP-277, starring Airi Suzumura, and (so far) ending in May 2020 with ABP-976, starring Non Nonoura. It's notable that between ABP-488 and ABP-638, over a year had passed, and between ABP-638 and ABP-976 almost 3 years did. So the future of this series is pretty uncertain, thus why I'm calling it "undead." It's a Girlfriend Experience series that honestly surprised me, especially since it's run by Prestige. They're the masters of deceptive covers, and I guess it applies here too. With GFE, you expect something that's sickly sweet and very vanilla, but, at least in Shunka Ayami's and Rui Hasegawa's titles (ABP-463 and ABP-488 respectively), they actually swallow cum, which is pretty rare in JAV, and doubly rare in this genre. So a positive deception in this case. But yeah, the rest of it is what you expect from this genre, if you're familiar with it: Entirely in POV, the male is usually silent ("your" dialogue is just subtitles), the focus is not so much impressive positions or costumes, but presenting you with scenes from average dates with far above-average women. They cook for you, go camping with you, ride the train with you. All of it interspersed with sex, so while it's far from hardcore, this isn't softcore either. This megapack is EXHAUSTIVE at the time of uploading, but that may change. This pack includes (sorted alphabetically): * ABP-277 - My Very Own Airi Suzumura Loves Me Too Much * ABP-399 - My Kaede Fuyutsuki , That Loves Only Me * ABP-450 - My Very Own Nozomi Kitano Loves Me Way Too Much * ABP-463 - My Shunka Ayami , Who Loves Me Too Much * ABP-475 - My Only Sweetheart Who Loves Me Too Much - Arisa Fujii * ABP-488 - My Very Own Rui Hasegawa Who Adores Me * ABP-638 - Mio Hinata Belongs To Me, And She Loves Only Me * ABP-976 - Non Nonoura Loves Me, And Only Me, Way Too Much A Total Exclusive Relationship With A Relatable Adult Video Idol, At The Greatest, Closest Possible Distancex All movies in this pack are 1080p.

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  • The Only -- For Me That Adores Too Much Minipack
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