Tomodachi ♂♀ Sex: Kareshi ni Naisho de Dousei Seikatsu! / トモダチ♂♀セックス 彼氏に内緒で同棲生活! [English Patched]

2020-09-18 20:46 UTC
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![alt text]( **Title**: Tomodachi ♂♀ Sex: Kareshi ni Naisho de Dousei Seikatsu! **Original title**: トモダチ♂♀セックス 彼氏に内緒で同棲生活! **Length**: Short (2 - 10 hours) **Year**: Japan 2019-02-28, English Patch 2020-09-18 **Developer**: Atelier Sakura **Publishers**: Atelier Sakura **Language**: English **Voice**: Japanese **Translation**: [ynate]( **Description**: Furugoori Yukako is a high school girl attending the local academy. While being an honor student and a class representative, she is also in a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend. Due to a strange turn of events, she ends up having to live together with her half-Japanese childhood friend, Tanaka Bob. Before long they end up being sex friends! Her boyfriend doesn't know about it, and there's no way she can tell him about it... "It's okay! He won't know about us if you don't tell him!" Bob claims, while continuing to make her cum day by day. This is a story about the daily life of an honor student and her sex friend. Will she be able to keep it a secret from her boyfriend?! Source: ynate **Important**: 1. You need to change system locale to Japanese. 2. Translator Notes: - "This is a passion project I wanted to work on for so long. Big thanks to Capu for helping me get started. I used his Gyaruduma Sekkusu and Mayumi as reference for everything in here. For a nukige with lots of gags like this, there's a bit of "localization" done so the joke gets properly delivered. I added a list in the patch link for the interested." **Screenshots(Thanks to ynate!)**: ![alt text]( ![alt text]( ![alt text](

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Black Lives Matter
Ku Klux Klan
remind me of that one series made by terasu mc
For a Atelier Sakura work, Shit's pretty Light hearted, Lmao Bob is mah mans.
does anyone get a syntax error whenever they try to run the game?
**Edit: NVM, syntax error means that you havent set up ur pc for japanese locale (like why the heck isnt set yet, I always play eroge in my pc)
hey superelmo, seems that apparently the 9-nine- episode 3 on release had some lines that were untranslated and missing a CG and only recently have they launched an update patch to restore it on steam. id just like to ask if your torrent for it got updated too or not? if not then can you please?
We wuz hentai kangz... jokes aside, thanks for this.
This is netorare ? Has infidelity tag on vndb
It's a reaaaaaly soft ntr @lLuucas18
Pretty wholesome NTR,Bob is the MVP!
That's the dream of all Chink/Asian man... Be cucked by a black man. Since their pp are too fuckin' small they need some BBC to satisfy their women. Based Bob!