[Yamatogawa] Vanilla Essence (x3200) [FAKKU]

2020-09-18 17:58 UTC
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Credits goes to Karbon, praise his name

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  • [Yamatogawa] Vanilla Essence (x3200) [FAKKU].zip (426.8 MiB)
Karbon, the hardest element on this site. 💪🤘
Thanks Karbon!


all that is left is Fakku's release of Witchcraft
@pg1: https://panda.chaika.moe/archive/29338/
Weird, did you guys skip the konkit books?
@wolfdale123 Why don't you buy it and share it instead of telling others to do it, you faggot?
@ultimaonlineplayer toxic as always
Isnt he jewcob/ont falseflagging in this site?
@wolfdale123 Just get the scanlated its already uncensored, so I don't see the reason why we should ask for it, otherwise wait for it, someone will eventually upload it.
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@havalall You’re literally retarded and don't know what "hypocrite" means. Someone posted a list of what they got from other trackers and my bandwidth was shit at that time and I asked him if he could re-upload it to this site. You, and those other leechers, are constantly spamming with links to a store and demanding people to buy porn for you because you’re too much of a cheap cunt to spend $10 on porn and share it yourself. When you don’t get what you want, you start screaming “Y-Y-Y-YOUO’RE FALSE FLAGGING” or “H-HYPOCRITE”.
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@ultimaonlineplayer haha and were is the constant spamming? everytime I wanted sth I politely asked them to upload it if they can.