ASMRchive v0.11 (Canan)

2020-09-14 06:50 UTC
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(This is a reupload. The previous seemed to have some issues when it came to verifying the data even though I had just created the torrent. I first thought this was an issue with corrupted data, but it seems to be a problem with Transmission. I'd switched to it since qBittorrent transfers would frequently stall. After creating the torrent with qBittorrent instead, everything seems to be fine running on it. Double checking with Transmission, it still has issues verifying data on the same files, even with the torrent created through qBittorrent instead. I have no idea what the issue is here, but everything should be capable of seeding in full from this one instead, as long as my client works properly.) I advise downloading the readme first if you’re from the thread. I will seed this for as long as my VPN is enabled. If there are no seeds, just be patient - I will likely seed again within 24-48 hours. If you’ve been seeding the scattered files in the threads, this should straighten things up, as the overall filesize of everything is reduced, and [most] everything has been compiled to a single torrent. If it is well received by the group, please help contribute to seeding this as well. And yes, other compilations have been in the works along the way. Checkmate, simps. You can nuke our threads, but you can’t nuke our magnets.

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pls do macoto next :)))
I don't understand why would anyone bother sharing this stuff with random people. You made me cry over your generosity, am literally crying because i spent all day searching for her past live streams, if you were to claim prophecy I would be the first to believe. Have a good day or rather life.
I would very much appreciate if you add the September 21 2020 live ( That one was really hot! too bad she deletes the podcasts after and Idk how to download them
What an absolute hero.Thank you so much for this, and there are so many seeders! Definitely much needed content
THANK YOU for this great upload, much appreciated. just curious how often do you think this will be "updated" with her newer videos
Dude you're doing god's work literally. I want to say my massive thanks man. Looking forward for newer videos soon. Again, Thank you very much ^^
Hey! can you teach me how to download timeshifted videos from nicovideo.
i made this account is to show my gratitude of appreciation to you. Thank you for achieving such wonderful streams. Thanks you so much. Just saying, 2020 is just not that bad.

asmrchive (uploader)

Have been without a working PC for a while. Am back with something far better than my previous one. I'll be uploading an improved version of this from the originals. Seeing these on a 4k monitor is pretty cringe. There are also several corrections I have to sub in for those that originally ripped them (wasn't me - I just compiled them). The improved version will also have new content, but since i've been missing for three months, there's a ton of catching up to do. Thanks to all for the positive reception.
Is there a reason everything's encoded to h265? If it's just to save hdd space can you please upload a version with the original files? Would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for all your work!

asmrchive (uploader)

This was just by request of someone in thread. I was just about to start up a new upload with the newest content and photosets posted, but these are also in h265.
Hey if its not too much trouble could you do both? And also how long do you think before the new content is posted?
Waiting for your new upload, appreciate the work!!