[Enokoro Kurage (NOSA)] Memoir of a Cheating Missus x3200 [Fakku & Irodori Comics]

2020-09-02 23:04 UTC
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I got no money but can you guys upload this when you can? https://www.fakku.net/hentai/living-doll-sumire-summer-of-pleasure-english
@NTRLover69 if you've no money, how can you afford a computer, electricity and internet? GTFO leecher
No need to be so rude baby @ultimaonlineplayer ;) I'm just a poor student who's in debt to the government :(
He's always like that, he's also a hypocrite XD We're all leechers here :P
hahahahaha, that's the best excuse i hear in a while.
i hasn't no mooney gift porn pls
Not supporting certain business practices & being just a leecher are completely different fyi. I have supported multiple of my favorite artist directly by, importing books dealing with import fees, donating etc. And I promise you it's a hell of alot more expensive than a 10$ sub to fakku or however much that shit cost. Most of the stuff fakku has isn't even worth it in my opinion cause all the stuff that is interesting they keep off their site cause of blacklash and their personal opinion. Have any of you ever read the fine print on a fakku book? "all characters that appear in these books are age of majority or older so please don't report us" even though they're too scared to have loli on the site in the first place. And oh yeah btw buying fakku bullshit is NOT supporting the industry, you know who it's supporting? Jacob and his million dollar house. If you wanna support something find out who the artist is & give directly to them whether it's through their links on twitter or pixiv or if they have donations set up(which most of them dont so just buy from their links). really fucking detest this "support" the industry narrative that westerns try to push so they can make more money, They don't give a fuck about the industry. Fucking kill yourself
can anyone find work by this publisher. never heard of J18.... https://www.jlist.com/shop-by-brand/j18 actually wanted this work https://www.jlist.com/shop-by-brand/j18/j019
@YoungJackOffStar [Citation needed]
@AngraMainyu Do you need a citation that the earth is round too? @YoungJackOffStar You’re correct on everything about Fakku, but the last thing you said about supporting artists is just outright wrong. Buying their shit from a Japanese store won’t “support” artists because those stores take in huge royalties. If an artist wants my money, they need to provide a service that is convenient and easy to use. Donation pages are good. Patreon, Fanbox and so on are good too, because they take in very small royalties. If an artist is refusing to do any of those things, then they can go and fuck themselves.