[SakuraCircle] Kohaku-iro no Hunter The Animation (琥珀色のハンター THE ANIMATION) - English Softsubs

2020-08-03 23:25 UTC
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**Translation:** Tennouji **Encode:** Shareraw from [hikiko123](https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/3085022) **Subtitles:** English Styled Softsubs ![Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/E1nzT7y.jpg)

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  • [SakuraCircle] Kohaku-iro no Hunter The Animation (DVD 720x480 h264 AAC) [4D4B9AD1].mkv (212.4 MiB)
Futa with shota sucking dick, drinking her cum and drinking his own cum. Summarizing, it's yaoi.
It is overgrown clitoris.
It's not overgrown clitoris. She cums and shota drinks it. It's yaoi.
Overgrown clitoris he says didn't see the cum she flied across the room did he not
Does it matter what it is? If its not to your liking, freaking shred it from your drive and move on. If your motive was to warn other people, thanks, but move on nonetheless.
@ Kira_Yamato Therefore overgrown clit. Overgrown clit = clit that can cum.
@LonerPrime Yes it matters to the majority of us who don't like yaoi shit or reading the comments over at MAL, futa. Thanks for the warning @Kira_Yamato.
way to little futa in the world
all that anime story buildup from the beginning only to get yaoi at the end ? what a shame
What a disappointment... this had so much more potential. And now I'll just end up deleting it...
Futa x Male is not Yaoi. You don't have to like it, but don't just label it something else you don't like because of it.
WoW people whining cause they can't be assed to check tags on MAL before beating their meats. I don't mind the dude posts the genre but at least do your homework. Yaoi = all males. This here is a futa genre if you must categorize it.
Does anyone know the manga of this one?