Natsu ga Owaru Made The Animation - 01 (夏が終わるまで The Animation 上巻) [2020][720p-HEVC-WEBRip][RAW]

2020-07-31 08:25 UTC
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Thanks for the release! I'm guessing the lack of quality control may be due to Covid, but who knows. Actually, I'm surprised it hasn't delayed that many hentai releases, or maybe the impact will manifest later. As for your Patreon, I'm waiting until the beginning of next month to join, since it seemed I would be getting billed immediately and then again when the new month starts.
@[WaffleTiger]( It ain't too bad, I just noticed a lot of flickering from missed shading continuity and such. It looks like Covid-19 may have hit BW's schedule because they have nothing for about 2 months after Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori e and it's only 1 series. And yeah, I turned on that evil option on Patreon. ( ;⊙´◞౪◟`⊙)
@Puff Aww...that's too bad about BW/T-Rex, but heck, they deserve a break after continually putting out 2 series a month on average. As for Patreon, lol...didn't realize that was an option you could turn on. >:P After watching this episode, imagine my surprise when I saw that it was animated by Breakbottle, which I coincidentally was looking up releases of just a couple days ago. To me it looks like they're imitating T-Rex's style here and eh...I don't think it works for them. They did take over for T-Rex in animating Kutsujoku 2 (not a great result either), so there may be a slight correlation there *shrugs*. Honestly, I much prefer their old style (Rinkan Biyaku Chuudoku, Ima kara Atashi..., Toriko no Kusari, etc.), so I hope they don't abandon it.
@[Waffletiger]( There's so many minor animation issues because of whoever directed it I guess, but I still enjoyed it quite a bit. Toriko no Kusari episode 2 is probably my favorite BREAKBOTTLE episode. Truly stunning work there. **[Here's a patch]( that fixes 5 laggy scenes and makes a [dumb animation error]( look less shitty for those that want it. The file still remains RAW. ( ;⊙´◞౪◟`⊙)**
@Puff Yea, agreed on Toriko no Kusari ep 2, though I may actually like Rinkan Biyaku Chuudoku more. It's too bad I couldn't really find decent quality encodes of those Breakbottle series. It sucks that with a lot of older shows most people will just have to settle for hikiko's encodes, or worse, Hentai Haven/Hanime/etc. encodes that totally ruin the source material with whatever filters they use. I'm glad the current industry is slowly transitioning to HD, but as you've mentioned before, it's far from perfect.
There is alternative encodes to Hikiko123 for most pre-2020 h-anime that *should* be better from either pornolab rippers, or erokuni. There is some technical bumps these labels are facing with distributing them properly digitally, but it seems to be smoothing out. PP for instance just recently fixed their low quality audio, so that's good. I just hope MJ joins in sometime soon and older stuff from BW comes out.
Any suggestions on where to look for those rips? I've just been using this site, which is hit or miss. I can find some of the pornolab and erokuni ripped stuff here, but not all, along with the other reputable rippers you mentioned before like LegitRips and Sangen-Rips. Pornolab would require membership(?) to a Russian site and erokuni requires a Rapidgator membership. I'm not averse to paying for membership for something if it's potentially worth my while. That's good to hear about PP. Would definitely love for MJ (along with others) to join the bandwagon as well and for T-Rex to re-release older series. I don't think I've seen any studios go back and remaster older shows to put into a collection, which would be amazing. I'm guessing it's just not worth the time and effort in such a niche market.
Pornolab does require membership and like keeping your ratio up, but it's free. You can just use free premium leeches if you really wanted to for EK's stuff, or pay for it I guess.
Toriko no Kusari-02 huh?.............................. Anyway thanks for sharing this in HQ