[SLG] [ディーゼルマイン] SUMMER-田舎の性活- / [dieselmine] SUMMER - Countryside Sex Life Ver.1.02

2020-07-19 08:48 UTC
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**[SLG] [ディーゼルマイン] SUMMER-田舎の性活- / [dieselmine] SUMMER - Countryside Sex Life Ver.1.02** [![https://img300.imagetwist.com/th/36262/ua7ynd17c965.jpg](https://img300.imagetwist.com/th/36262/ua7ynd17c965.jpg)](https://imagetwist.com/ua7ynd17c965/RJ283590_img_main.jpg) **Information:** **Title / タイトル:** SUMMER-田舎の性活- / SUMMER - Countryside Sex Life **Brand / ブランド:** ディーゼルマイン / dieselmine **Release / 販売日:** 2020/07/19 **File size / ファイル容量:** 200MB [![http://imgfrost.net/data_server_new/318/small/small_RJ283590_img_smp2.jpg](http://imgfrost.net/data_server_new/318/small/small_RJ283590_img_smp2.jpg)](http://imgfrost.net/w5x5i3) [![https://imgdrive.net/images/small/2020/07/19/5f1407a58476c.jpg](https://imgdrive.net/images/small/2020/07/19/5f1407a58476c.jpg)](https://imgdrive.net/img-5f1407a58476e.html) [![https://imgtaxi.com/images/small/2020/07/19/5f1407aad6835.jpg](https://imgtaxi.com/images/small/2020/07/19/5f1407aad6835.jpg)](https://imgtaxi.com/img-5f1407aad6838.html) [![https://imgadult.com/upload/small/2020/07/19/5f1407b0bfb07.jpg](https://imgadult.com/upload/small/2020/07/19/5f1407b0bfb07.jpg)](https://imgadult.com/img-5f1407b0bfb08.html)

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  • [SLG] [dieselmine] SUMMER - Countryside Sex Life Ver.1.02.7z (200.3 MiB)
is the torrent broken? why 0 completed with 200 seeds?
I got up to 1000 seeds! Nothing downloaded.
I've fed up with ディーゼルマイン literal works ever since 2017, but might as well give this one a try. But yeah, as everyone mentioned, the progress is stalled.
Someone have and infinite loading bug when use the option of doing H?
when i start a new game it only appear a chat box with a big X on the right side witout showing any immages. any fix?
is this english?
When I start a new game there's just a black screen after loading, nothing happens. Seems like there should chat box (which is empty for someone). Loading some save doesn't help, since game is stucked anywhere when this box should appear. System language is set to japanese btw. Any fix?
you have to change the format region option of windows to japanese
7zip file damaged, but not serious. It damage at StreamAsset/aa/window. let see how it going. *edited* infinite cat loading when first enter the girl room .... ok time to fix the archive. *edited2* .... folder name is too long .... not archive damage
Can't seem to make it work, pitch black screen after choosing first option (I guess that it's new game). I tried to rename the folder and I changed my local region to japan, but it doesn't work.
Aww, I'll wait for a fix maybe?
The game gets stuck in a loading screen when you choose any erotic option, patiently waiting for the fix
excuse me, what you guys talking about? I'm play and finished game without any problem. now just wait password for unlock from their twitter on Friday.
like the others said, i tried playing like any other game, i was stuck with the blackscreen (after pressing the big x), using a locale emulator the game worked, the "x" is in a normal sized square, the screen shows the images corretly in resume: like @hunk417 said, first chage the format region, if that doesn't work try a locale emulator
what makes this game so popular?
FOR THOSE HAVING PROBLEMS (BIG X, BLACK SCREEN, NO SOUND PLAYING, INFINITE LOADING LOOP, or other crap...) 1. Download the zip 2. Place it on Desktop (doesn't have to be the desktop, any short dir will do ex: C:\FolderName. Game directory needs to be short!!!) 3.Right click the zip and Extract here (if no errors popup ur good). 4.Download ''Locale Emulator'' from GitHub or wherever... 5.Install ''Locale Emulator'' (and create a new Japanese profile if u need to.. i don't remember if you do) 6.Use ''Locale Emulator'' to run the game (right click game.exe and select Run in Japanese). IF you dont follow Step 2 and use a short dir the game won't extract or run correctly. Happy fapin.
Changing the name of the folder to just "SUMMER" worked for me, maybe the long filename was causing problems
Anyone know what the 4 digit code is when you talk to the spirit lady, and how many purple heart animations there are? I found 3 so far.
@Hefastos yes , whole folder name excess 255 characters. that's the problem unable to extract 1 certain file needed to startup Ero-Scene. rename the .7z archive fix everything.
H-code for Textractor only: HQNC+8@11C1E60:GameAssembly.dll Enable "Filter repetition" in Settings; in Extensions list place these two above all other (in this order): Remove Repeated Phrases 2 Remove Repeated Phrases (Copy to Clipboard and whatever you're using goes here)
God bless you Anon1
@Hefastos Thank you. I took 4 days to find your comment.
is this in english?