~NEW~ [200713][同人ゲーム][お髭の獅子舞] 幽霊お口~天国地獄~ [RJ293815]

2020-07-15 08:52 UTC
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  • [200713][同人ゲーム][お髭の獅子舞] 幽霊お口~天国地獄~ [RJ293815].zip (481.9 MiB)
This game has literally 1 CG
The interesting part are the sounds the females make there. Yeah overall 1 CG, but the tongues and cum amount changes, but the game seems to be bigger maybe in terms of content. I have no clue if there are hidden stuff, going by the files themselves and the names. Considering you can interact with some of the stuff before talking to the middle one, the right object doing something, no idea what. Second option right at start with the gals starts with a very long lick and cum fest, if you choose the second option again you go back to the main menu. When choosing the first option you get later an ? mark that just gives you the same option instantly, last option for game over, middle option to continue on, then come some sort of looping variations. Anyways going by the files and the naming seemed like there was more content, if not, then the audio itself is rather good, very good erotic asmr for a while till it gets boring.
can you upload ( オバサンズ・サガ ) please ? thanks
@Isxaq Newdragon already did, around the same time or before you asked here.
velka is not uploading on sukebei anymore feelsbadman
@herbderb98 Are you sure about?... (with an ironic tone)