Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori e - 03 (OVA ようこそ! スケベエルフの森へ #3) [2020][720p-HEVC-WEBRip][RAW]

2020-07-05 07:11 UTC
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Thanks for the episode! Do you have any plans to do ep 1 & 2 of this series as well? For shows you aren't working on, what do you think of the other rips you can find here on this site? For example, I took a look at various encodes for Hajimete no Hitozuma ep. 1 in May. They all happened to be Chinese, and while 2 of them added some color, weird filter, or darkened outlines, one of them, at least to my untrained eye, looked better than hikiko's encode in every aspect (smooth lines, slightly better bitrate, higher res, no weird filter or color modification). It's part of this pack if you're interested: If you're really opening public funding for more HD web stuff, awesome! Will it be on Patreon? I'd gladly contribute to that. I'm kinda averse to direct donations for whatever reason. One day I hope to see more of T-Rex's older series and Pink Pineapple, especially studio Seven stuff (not a suggestion, but just a hope that maybe it will coincide with your project choices). Also, while it would be nice, I think you said in another release of yours that Mary Jane doesn't do web releases atm.
Yes, I will be putting out some proper DVDRips for episode 1 and 2 soonish since all the ones currently available each have their own issues. I agree that Maho's encodes are better than Hikiko's even though they are just machine learning meme upscales of Hikoko's rips. None of the chinese groups appear to have their own sources except the one group that does WEB stuff from time to time. It'll probably be Patreon. There isn't many older T-Rex titles available in HD. There's only 2 old series remaining that I, or others haven't released I think. I actually like most SEVEN stuff myself and tackling all of them would be quite a feat. Mary Jane does do WEB releases, but they are worse quality than the DVDs unfortunately. I have plans for some MJ stuff, but from DVDs.
When you will subtitle it?
Yo puff, wheres your avatar from? I recognize it but can't quite put my finger on it.
@Jojo14 If you want subs just wait a bit for SakuraCircle to release their subbed version. I will only be including subtitles for older stuff now. @LoveHentai Cybersix.
Thanks man, I knew I recognized it from somewhere
@Puff Thanks for the response! You're doing great work. I'm always looking forward to more and I hope once you get your Patreon up that you'll get the monetary support you need to continue. If I'm not mistaken Puff, you've also gotten raws from a Russian source before? I ask because I checked this out: and it seems quite legit. Are there any other submitters on this site that you trust to upload content of at least decent quality, whether that be web rips, DVDs, or BDs?
Nah, for the stuff I have released currently I have only used some chinese raws for one series. The rest are all my own sources I've purchased, sources that have been purchased in full/partially by oil princes in my discord, or LegitRips. On this site? LegitRips. Sangen-Rips as well on here has good stuff, but he doesn't use QTGMC on sources that require them to be fixed properly, so it's hit or miss with his stuff, but most of it is fine. I would say HQR (Variesinhome), and Galan_rus_raw (торрент иваниваныч) who are both from pornolab are what my collection consists of mostly. Those are the two rippers that know what they're doing that I have a lot of stuff from.
@Puff that download I linked was using an encode from Galan_rus_raw, nice. Thanks for the list. I can be more confident in what I choose to archive now, instead of doing side by side comparisons with hikiko's encodes as a base, which you have outlined before as have various issues of their own. Bless him for being a steady contributor to the community, but I hope one day he may improve upon his methods.
thanks for sharing!
Web rip for this hentai is so nice. I love it.