❀Bought | Released by velka❀ [200702][同人ゲーム][MAPLE CLOVER] メルト オブ コーデリア ~旋律を無くした錬金術士~ [RJ284732]

2020-07-02 12:27 UTC
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![Cover](https://iwtf1.caching.ovh/to/that/2020/07/02/1c4abe479f64859c1.jpg) Information | Link :------------: | :-------------: Information | https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ284732.html My Blog | http://dou.erokuni.net/ *** Download Links | http://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/hentai-games-38/japanese-968269/ :------------: | :-------------: If you wish to support me and what I’m doing – [please purchase Premium Account through my Rapidgator links.](https://rapidgator.net/article/premium/ref/2044523) I need and appreciate your support. | :------------: | :-------------: I was informed that 2D.G.F. accused me of having miner in my files - That's a lie. I personally gave FTW infraction for posting game with bitcoin miner on A-S. If you download anything from 2D.G.F. - mikocon, Make sure to carefully check if their release not infected with chines spyware or bitcoin miners. Run exe from their upload through virus scan online or offline. Be safe and vigilant.

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velka, please update latest version. ❀Bought | Released by velka❀ [200617][同人ゲーム][solid] なにもそんな・・・。俺は軽い気持ちで・・・。・・・雨が悪い・・・。・・・いやオッパイが悪い!! [RJ289642]
Maybe you can buy it by yourself ^^
Why you guys bother so much with that, just go to sadpande and enjoy the CGs. I mean, it's not like you can read japanese, right?
Dude if you want updated version, go check on hentai sharing. Nobody upload updated version on nyaa (Sadly T_T) I can read japanese btw, no that the story interest me but it helps to know what to do.
@Oneesama Thanks a lot! I solved.
What the...sweet actual eff are you guys talking about? This doesn't even HAVE an updated version yet (though uploaders not bothering with the version-ups is sadly a reality - apart from the very few occasional joyful exceptions)... Also, A-S and nyaa are pretty much interconnected. Like almost everything on A-S makes it to nyaa eventually, afaik at least. EDIT: shit, I defaulted on reading H-S but comprehending A-S... My bad. Guess on very rare occasions you can get lucky on H-S, true enough. Still. This here doesn't have any updates (yet)! So... lol EDIT2: shit... Yeah, reading comprehension is over 9000 for me today, it seems. I see now that the update request and the reaction to that wasn't even for this game. Well. Guess it's time to withdraw! xD NOONE SAW ANYTHING, CAPICHE?!