[Small] Shuna Kagami (加賀美シュナ) & Aoi Ichigo (Leaked Raw footage from set camera!) - 無修正

2020-05-14 14:22 UTC
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Shuna Kagami 加賀美シュナ & Aoi Ichigo 青井いちご Leaked Raw YOGU-31 Part 1 This is leaked uncensored raw footage from the set camera not processed uncensored footage. (1280x720p H.264) Confirmed 18+ Webcam or agency Models (Even if they act or say otherwise in video). Please help seed i'm trying to contribute but i only have 400 KBps upload connection with VPN and am using SD cards for storage. ### "Small Breasts Rule Big Breasts Droop!" - SeedKitty ![alt text](https://i.ibb.co/XyWZg47/Shuna-Kagami-Aoi-Ichigo-Leaked-Raw-YOGU-31-1-mp4.jpg)

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Holy fuck... Aoi ichigo Uncensored!

SeedKitty (uploader)

Part 3 you get a better view of her also Kagami solo in part 2 i just uploaded is good. I will try to upload part 3 when i can. Check my torrents in a few days /user/SeedKitty I was planning on doing some VR stuff as it's hard to get small AA breasted VR girls on here. Seeding is hard for me with a max 400 KBps upload made worse with a VPN.
Eagerly awaiting pt3!
Thank you for sharing, your effort is appreciated by all.
@SeedKitty Do you know if there are anymore Aoi Ichigo VR stuff? There was one time stop one I found but she was not the focus, was still pretty great.

SeedKitty (uploader)

@mastadivinity Nope sorry. Small girls in VR are hard to find seems all the VR uploaders like big chested girls. Most the ones i have been getting are new girls like Ichikawa Kanon & Fuyue Kotone. I think i have one VR video of Abe Mikako my personal favorite actress. It looks like you found a rare VR video of Aoi Ichigo you should share it ฅ(*ΦωΦ*) ฅ

SeedKitty (uploader)

@LKC5578 Thanks! Sometimes i look at the leechers who can't even do a 1:1 on what i seed and wonder why am doing it as am just a normal user.
@Seedkitty, any chance you know of any thing else with Shuna that has leaked?
@SeedKitty I would love to see a Fuyue Kotone VR video! If you are willing to upload one, I'm sure you would get a ton of support.