Etsuraku no Tane The Animation (悦楽の胤 THE ANIMATION) [2015][720p-HEVC-WEBRip][UNCEN][1/1 English Subbed]

2020-05-08 08:07 UTC
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![image]( English subtitles: SubDesu-H (Edited). Video source: UNCEN WEB-DL + CEN BDRip to remove the big ass watermark -> 10bit x265. Restored fps to 23.976fps from source's 30fps conversion. A overall great upgrade over the other LQ uncensored rip floating around. Audio source: WEB-DL untouched AAC Audio Japanese (default) + untouched Trimax German Dub Normally I don't usually give a shit about watermarks, but the MHP one is actually super obnoxious and intrusive as it's a solid color and it's in the bottom right corner of the frame, so I nuked it. One scene has a very small mosiac left in over a tentacle as it had a shadow layer effect that would be too much effort to match frame-by-frame in addition to a moving camera that zooms out, so it was either that or leave the watermark in for that scene. I may or may not remove the watermark for some other stuff from Trimax depending on difficulty and how much I like the series. There is also some scenes cut out for some series done by them, so I'll probably re-insert them even if they're censored in the only un-cut version available. These will be done as a whenever I feel like it basis just like other older series. Join the [discord]( Everyone is welcome.

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Hey Puff. Can you rip this one: [THT]( ?
Thanks for the new stuff. Have you thought about including the studio name in your naming scheme? It'd help with organizing releases. I don't mean sorting by studio though, since I'd prefer it back by the release year if anything.

Puff (uploader)

[@Malerious10]( I don't have a subscription there. There's no drm encryption, so you can rip it with like youtubedownloader if you have a sub. [@wattcy]( Nah, probably won't. I just put them inside a folder with the studio label myself.
thanks for sharing!