[OTOMI GAMES] Sexy Beach Premium Resort All In One Repack V1

2020-05-01 01:30 UTC
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![alt text](https://imgur.com/vyrnGfa.png) ### INFO + Repack Name: SBPR Otomi Repack + Repack by: Otomi Games + Repack publisher: Otomi Games + Repack version: V1 (April 25, 2020) + Repack size: 6.8 GB (After extract: 16 GB) ### CHANGELOG Update Base Game to latest version Add latest Official Patch (Vol 1 – Vol 14) Add Oculus Patch (VR Patch) Add HF Patch 0.6 (Final Version) Add [Animation] SBPR EX; More Sex Options V2 Add [Clothing] Crotchless Pantyhose V1 Add SBX Uncensored V1.4b Add Maliwei HD V1.1 Add Better Cum Textures V1.0 Add Transparent Swimsuit V4.2 Add Transparent Underwear V3.0 Add [Card] 1000+ Random Characters Add [Card] more Cards Frame (Back + Front) Add [Card] more Background Add [Hair] Coiffure Pack (18 Additional Hair Pieces) Add [Clothing] New Clothing from Standard Sets (Updated 21-3-16) Add [Clothing] Tight Short Skirt V1 Add [Clothing] Pleat Short Skirt V2 Add [Clothing] Pleat Micro Short Skirt Add [Char] Custom Heroine Mod #### Optinal [Patch] Performance FPS [Hair] Pubic Hair Mesh Patch V1.0c [Skin] Skin Effects Patch V1.4 [Hair] Adapted Pubic Hair Pack 2.0 [Hair] Pubic Hair Collection V1.0 [Skin] Skin Collection 1.0b [Sound] Adult Voice for Custom Female Character ### DIRECT LINKS Visit here: https://otomi-games.com/sexy-beach-premium-resort-repack-v1/ to get Direct Links from me! ### PATREON Support me if you love my Repack <3 https://www.patreon.com/otomi

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  • otomi-games.com_YDTFIA6B.7z (6.0 GiB)
Oh wow, someone still works on Sexy Beach? That's awesome! Grabbing it immediately.
google drive link https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1FmlzGarLDt1_pH7UAx5tcCIMBkwgqGUs&export=download https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1cozRhIrfoAJnBMYwxQzS5t7p3St5Zoax&export=download https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1LpGXG7O9NjpUw6BVN_mbxegbZnqqVxJi&export=download