[Metro Notes (Tsumetoro)] Gentleman's Maid Sophie 3 (x3200) [Fakku]

2020-04-30 15:00 UTC
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thank you anon, you're making this quarantine worthwhile.
Thanks for your work anon, we're forever grateful. If you can, can you also upload these too? Thanks :) https://www.fakku.net/hentai/summer-sacrifice-english https://www.fakku.net/hentai/hypnotic-sexual-counseling-natsumi-obata-english https://www.fakku.net/hentai/isnt-my-wife-just-the-cutest-english https://www.fakku.net/hentai/rin-obuki-wants-to-make-a-cuck-english https://www.fakku.net/hentai/inseminators-for-hire-2-english https://www.fakku.net/hentai/thats-the-guy-you-want-english https://www.fakku.net/hentai/gacha-girl-english https://www.fakku.net/hentai/boy-toy-rental-service-english https://www.fakku.net/hentai/holiday-with-my-busty-cousin-3-english https://www.fakku.net/hentai/im-not-your-idol-english
Thanks, anon. Now that my research is complete. We could end this pandemic sooner.
@NTRLover69 Do people actually get off from being cheated on, or doing the cheating? Never understood the appeal to it.
@BlackLash I just like seeing girls drown in the pleasures of immorality ;)
@NTRLover69 Does that translate to how you feel about it in real life, or is it more of a fantasy you have? I mean, having your partner being raped, then later proceeds to enjoying it, and eventually leaving you in the end seems pretty tragic to me.
@Blacklash Lulwut. You're over-thinking it. I just like the slow corruption and expressions that girls make in NTR. Nothing more nothing less. Has nothing to do with real life. It's like enjoying playing GTA but you're not actually going to enjoy committing the same crimes in real life
@NTRLover69 Fair enough. Would you enjoy the read if the expressions being made were the same but in a different genre/scenario, or does it need to have the corruption part of NTR?
@BlackLash I like other genres too, but from my wealth of doujin-reading experience, NTR is the best ;). Go read Saikawa Yusa's Mesmerism series. It's a classic NTR and all of it is on sukebei.
@NTRLover69 NTR isn’t my cup of tea, and probably never will be, but I’ll take a look to see what you mean by classic. Thanks.
Reading NTR hurts my soul XD. Cheating is okay-ish and Fendom is the best Imho. :D
gracias por todo el material que subiste