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2020-04-24 10:30 UTC
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Thanks for this next bunch.
Thankyou so much for everything
Can anybody upload the series of Gentleman's Maid Sophie ? Asking for a friend.
gracias por los capitulos del 1-5 ??
Thank you anon!
Thanks anon! More Bifidus please :D
https://pastebin.com/cMScpM9L list of doujin I got online, about half from the google doc
@ubw_np_2019 How to download ?
@ubw_np_2019 can you upload these on Sukebei? [Yotsuba Chica] Identity is Everything (x3200) [FAKKU] [Tachibana Omina] Tales of a Harem in Another World Vol. 4+4.5.cbr [Tachibana Omina] Tales of a Harem in Another World Vol. 4+Vol 4.5 (x3200) [FAKKU].zip [Shindou] Mating with Oni - Daughter Chapter.zip [Reitou Mikan] What Happens When You Gender Bend Close Friends With A Magic App lol (x3200) [FAKKU].zip [Mutya] Zero-Kun's Secret First Time (x3200) [FAKKU].zip [Maple] Tormented by Cum Crazy Rui - Human Training Diary (x3200) [FAKKU].zip [Kogaku Kazuya] Maki-chan's First Time With Nico-chan (Futa ver.) (x3200) [FAKKU].zip [Kogaku Kazuya] Maki-chan's First Time With Nico-chan (Yuri ver.) (x3200) [FAKKU].zip [isya] Office Sweet 365 Append (x3200) [FAKKU].zip [isya] Office Sweet 365 (x3200) [FAKKU].zip [Asanagi] Victim Girls 12 - Another One Bites the Dust.cbz
@ultimaonlineplayer don't you know beggars can't be choosers? Hmm, if you don't buy all of these in question, does it contribute to loss sales or is it a service problem? OH YEAH! The distributors are just shitty greedy corporate fucks. They don't cater to people like me who consume freely accessible contents. No, no, piracy never hurts sales ever. Its just a single me not buying. How can a single loss sale ever hurts anything. How can there be more of me?! Literally incomprehensible. Wew, they almost got me. How can I just press one button and buy whatever I want? This service freaknig sucks dicks. I have to fill in these additional blank spaces. The United Europa State Union invested 4 trillions dollars and their research says piracy have no effect on loss sales! How can a 4 trillions dollar research be wrong?! Its government research. Everyone knows they are never wrong. We have already cured cancer because we invested billions and billions of dollaroos to medical research! Very Cool! In all seriousness, isn't it ironic? You disprove every argument you made in the other thread. At the end of the day, we are all pirates. And there are ingrates like you who go so much length to rub it in the artists' face. Calling out shitty business practices is cool and all but do you think you can say all you believe straight to your favorite artist's face? At the end of the day, its just business. You either buy it if you like it or you don't if you don't. You all are making it seems all of this is so immoral and wrong while it is absolutely not. But what do I know? I am just paid to shill for the corporates. Every sensible statement I made is received in bias. But whose side I take in the end? The one who brought me high quality uncensored hentai or a nobody on piracy website? All of you do make the arguments that these businesses are grifting artists but I never heard the same from the artists themselves. Who do I really trust again? The one who put in the work for my indulgence or some nobody on a piracy website?
You do make it seem like you would buy something if it is reasonable. But all of these doujins are reasonable to me and pretty easy to purchase too. Or is there some problems hindering you, Mr.Free Advertiser and Champion of Grifted Artists?
@NarberalGamma4996 What are you trying to achieve with your constant whining about piracy on a piracy site with these illegitimate arguments that has been debunked several times? Get the fuck out, you fucking idiot. >if you don’t buy all of these in question, does it contribute to loss sales >How can a single loss sale ever hurts anything Piracy doesn't contribute to lost sales, you fucking idiot. >The United Europa State Union invested 4 trillions dollars WTF are you talking about, schizo? >You all are making it seems all of this is so immoral and wrong while it is absolutely not That's literally what you've been doing for years. You bitch about piracy on piracy sites with misinformation and pretends it's immoral to download things for free because you've the IQ of a donkey.
First "Piracy doesn't contribute to lost sales" while being literally the lost sale. You are the lost sale because the market literally targets you as the consumer and you don't buy it because this is here. Second, sarcasm is above you. You literally cited the European Union research to support your argument. Third, I have never stated misinformation. Point one misinformation I stated anywhere.
I don't think you get it, do you? What I am saying is...... me defending the artists' right to receive money........ in exchange for their works..... common sense anywhere in the world...... somehow offends you fucks........ And everytime I state this simple fucking fact, you all fucks call me names. You all are making it seems like somehow siding with the artists is fucking IMMORAL. Can you read? Fucking illiterate? I said I side with the artists. Don't fucking go harass them like faggots because they remove things you don't even own to begin with. You fuckers are the one who should leave the artists alone. They are now fucking working with overseas publishers. Is that not fucking enough for you fucks? Remember the arguments you all made before all this? That you all pirate because no publishers release overseas. Now that they do what do you all fucking do? Do the same fucking bullshit with different reasons. Fucking reasons justify the fucking end. If you wanna fucking pirate, do it. All your reasons get the fuck off. Retard, you are the one making up justifications for piracy. There is no end to reasons to justify the little self-esteem you have. Boohoo the artists wouldn't get this much exposure if there weren't piracy. You know what? There won't be any fucking piracy if there weren't any artists. Rhetorical question, what comes first, the egg or the hen? The answer is the fucking artists retard.
You haven't stated any facts. Most of the things you've said is garbage that has been debunked by thousands of people and studies for many decades. A downloaded copy is not a lost sale, you retarded sperg. You have no idea what a lost sale is. You're such an autistic piece of shit. The fact that you believe the world is America and Japan, and that you're constantly repeating the same corporate propaganda against piracy that has been debunked a billion times is proof of your insanity. >You literally cited the European Union research to support your argument At least I can support my argument with studies that proves it. You've got nothing and your feelings aren't facts. Take the L and shut the fuck up already. >I have never stated misinformation Nearly every sentence that you've typed on this site is full of it. >What I am saying is… me defending the artists’ right to receive money You're not defending the artists right to receive money, you dumb liar. You're complaining about the freedom of information because you believe piracy is causing lost sales because you're mentally ill.
How the fuck does piracy does not affect sales? How the actual fuck? You are literally the fucking embodiment of it. You are the fucking demographic. It is aimed fucking straight at your cock and you pirate and own it illegally so it is a fucking lost sale. I will explain it so your low IQ brain can understand. You can either buy and own it legally or you don't. You use the product for free and so it is a fucking lost sale. It is in their every releases stating online distribution or mass distribution is illegal. You can even go extreme saying if you buy and share it with your 10 friends, it counts as 9 lost sales because they don't fucking own it in a sense. And you are equating piracy to a library. You know what you can read in a library? DONATED fucking books. All these hentai are not fucking donations, retard. They are commercial works. It doesn't matter what you think. Everyone who downloads and owns it illegally is a fucknig lost sale because these are COMMERCIAL works. Japanese works aimed at japanese doesn't count because it wasn't aimed at you to begin with. If a japanese pirates it, it is a lost sale. What about these then? They are aimed at you, me, every fucking body who wants to jerk off to anime girls. If we pirate them, then, it is a fucking lost sale. How the fuck is that debunkable? Debunk my fucking ass, retard. Simple logic, you are aware that it is published for you and you knowingly pirate it, its a fucking lost sale. You are the fucking -1 in the equation. How the fuck is that not a negative effect? 0 have become -1, negative effect have taken place. The sales have been affected however small and insignificant. Where the fuck is your "piracy doesn't contribute to lost sales" argument now? Jerk off to anime girls and shut the fuck up.
Freedom of your right to pirate my fucking ass and shit on my face that is. Freedom of information doesn't mean you get to post the entire fucking work up for free, fucking moron. How about you do that with your name on it and see how fast you get in jail? I bet my cock on it.
"Thousands of people and studied for many decades". OMG the biggest lie lmao. Stop. I can only laugh so much.
Please elaborate on this lost sperge what a lost sale is ,your highness.
Yep, there's no way that you're not OnTakahashi. The exact same meltdown on his Twitter. You should first learn how basic subtraction works. Hahaha. https://i.imgur.com/leqQ1Fr.png
Let me make one distinction. The artist lost sales because his product is bad right? The fact is you won't fucking buy one even if it is good, retard. You are full of shits the moment you blamed the artist and claim the fault lies with him and not you. We are all part of the problem fucko. There are some of us who shut up about it and there are fuckers like you who go so much length to justify it. Who the fuck told you every research makes positive results and truth? You blindly believe them because of your own bias. I take everything with a fucking grain of salt. And I didn't start this shit. You started this one on me, retard. I don't fucking go around lording this shit like you think I do. But you though, I make a special case. You are a special kind of ingrate who blames lost sales on the artist while consuming their products for free and call them fucking failures. You are the fucking failure here, retard. You can't buy something as cheap as a digital comic. I have never seen anyone ever blames the artist like you ever. A fucking beggar crawling around on a piracy website, blaming artists for lost sales and claim it happened because they have failed. All things good in this world you don't deserve none of it. That is my feeling for you, ingrate.
You may not know but people do make the same argument about truths. If we are saying something so wrong, then, why can't you debunk the falsehood? Because it is true. Simply that. You have no counter-argument for anything and tell me everything I state is wrong. Elementary schooler logic and telling me to learn basic subtraction. I think you should find a job.
I mean OnTakahashi brings in the good shits. What do you do though? Crawling and begging for the contents they produced on a torrent site while holding them in comtempt and mockery. Who the fuck are you? A fucking beggar. Keep it up and you will never receive what you want.
Can you kill yourself already, OnTakahashi aka NarberalGamma4996 aka Dudun? >You may not know but people do make the same argument about truths You haven't said anything truthful yet. All you've been doing is going full circle, sperging out and spamming false assumptions and false garbage without proving any of it because you don't have anything to substantiate your claims with. >If we are saying something so wrong, then, why can’t you debunk the falsehood Countless of studies proved that piracy boosts sales and never harms sales, especially a $400000 study by EU. Coincidentally, not a single study has confirmed that piracy is harmful. I mentioned that EU study in another comment section (https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/3000250) and that's why you've been sperging out for several hours today. Literally proves what everyone has been saying about you, you are a literal psychopath with ulterior motives. >OnTakahashi brings in the good shits Stop referring to yourself in third person, OnTakahashi. You didn't bring in a damn thing. Piracy popularized hentai outside of Japan. You're trying to capitalize on it because you're a greedy rat and you lick your own precum from your tiny dick after you've brainwashed an artist and obtained their copyright and removed hundreds of galleries on e-hentai. Do you know what psychopaths love to do? They're obsessed with being violent and having power over others. It checks out with your behavior on Nyaa, Twitter and your DMCA abuse on e-hentai. >You have no counter-argument for anything And now the psychopath is projecting himself onto others. >telling me to learn basic subtraction. Did you learn how to subtract yet, retard? >I think you should find a job. I think you should take your meds and stop making assumptions. >Keep it up and you will never receive what you want You'll never be able to take down a single piracy site. Take my advice and kill yourself, OnTakahashi. Your life will be at ease if you do it.
Oh I thought you are done with this. Hey listen, you got the wrong person here. I am OffTakahashi, his long lost brother. The EU study you keep citing is retarded and it is not true for every single market. More money invested doesn't make it truer. By that logic, we would already have the cure to cancer. True piracy popularized hentai outside of japan. As I stated in the other thread, exposure and popularity doesn't mean guaranteed sales. OnTakahashi abuses his powers? Yes, it is his legal and moral right to abuse you fucks because he obtained it fair and square. In truth, you all just want this status quo that lasted for years to never end and keep on pirating forever even when overseas publishing became legit. They have the fucking right and legality to fucking remove all those fucking raws and translations which they obtain from the artists. And then you all get ass-mad and uploaded all these doujins to spite them. A little bit immature for adults don't ya think? They don't owe you jackshit. You are an immoral fag because you keep mongering like they are fucking villains when they are just doing what every business does. Protect their IP and make more money and curb piracy where they see it. More money, more people, more people, more business. You have no fucking business when people keep pirating your shits. I don't blame you for fucking piracy. You fucking throw artists under the fucking bus moron. You said if the artists have lost sales, it is because their products are shits. Tell me fucker how is booch and highlow shitty artists?????? You think I am mad because you are a pirate? I am mad because you keep defending it, Mr.Piracy Boost Sales. The irony is you pirated both booch and highlow too. You never bought it. How can I say that for certain? Maybe because they were uploaded shortly after they were released. You contributed to their decision to drop out. You don't fucking care about anything as long as you can have it for free.
You are an immoral uncaring apathetic self-serving asshole. Every little fault you find in a business is a reason for you to justify your piracy.I will do you one better. Kill your entire family first then kill yourself. I will be at ease if you do it. They have only removed galleries of what they will release and have released. Fair fucking square. Don't like it? fucking die. Might as well PM an artist to give them the source file for free. You are not the one putting in the effort. Fuck you. I am gonna side with people who actually put in the work to bring me stuffs. Even their faults are reasonable, minor ones. You are all just nitpicking at it because you feel like you own the damn thing. Because somebody stood up and said this needs to go. Piracy sites may never go down. But The fact that you took pride in that means you are fucking irredeemable. I hope everything you ever own get stolen and die by the road side begging for money. May every stolen goods boost your household and you. God fucking bless.
How about you make these claims to an actual artist who brings you the good shits huh? Ever heard any conflicting opinions back from them? You would just say these artists are just bad ,retarded and failures because your belief is absolutely right. You are an apathetic zombie. You have never considered their side to begin with. Whatever opinion they make of piracy won't change your damn fucking mind. You don't feel anything for them. You are the psychotic moron here, who is going on a crusade against a company because of their aggressive anti-piracy policy which they chose to appeal to the artists and make them come over. You have no right to criticize them. Capitalism literally drives the fucking market forward and you think its fucking bad. How is more quality doujins any fucking bad? You are here consuming it for free. Why do you care when the raws are removed? How the fuck are raws better than an actual high quality uncensored? You want to compare them is that it? Or you enjoy reading them in japanese? What is the fucking goal here? All these artists they don't owe you jackshit. This glorious sub-culture exists because of them. Ingrate, remember this. Your beloved exhentai doesn't make them great. They make exhentai great, every other piracy website you fucking cling to great. Remember as you indulgence in their designs for no trade and jerk this fact into your brain. You don't fucking derserve them. You never will. Being readily available doesn't excuse your behaviour.
Wew, the silliness continues on.
Silliness is the wrong word. NarberalGamma4996/OnTakahashi is the living embodiment of every mental illness out there. Not only is he crying on Nyaa, but he's also doing it on 4chan. https://desuarchive.org/a/thread/201918020/ @NarberalGamma4996 You argue and act like a 12 year old. Just like what you do on your Twitter page, OnTakahashi. Reminder that OnTakahashi/NarberalGamma4996 never paid for a single doujinshi in his life and all of his staff are fantranslators. >The EU study you keep citing is retarded >it is not true for every single market Not an argument, retard. The study included books and novels, which includes the eromanga industry. >How is more quality doujins any fucking bad >How the fuck are raws better than an actual high quality uncensored That's what we've all been wondering. Why do you care so much about those raws on exhentai and why are you obsessed with taking all of it down when those raws are heavily censored and poorly scanned and in low resolution? You're just an unintelligent piece of shit. >You have no right to criticize them Everyone got the right to criticize your psycho ass. >They have only removed galleries of what they will release and have released Stop lying, you little shitstain. After you've obtained their copyright, you've removed each and every gallery on exhentai before putting it in your store. The removed galleries on exhentai gets reuploaded to panda.chaika.moe with a timestamp of the removal.
First, you are delusional.I an not OnTakahashi and I don't agree with every single decision he makes. https://www.fakku.net/users/narberalgamma4996-6423003/library Your lie is debunked. Stop projecting. You didn't do any research on me. Just nitpick and fake news. There was no context to what you provided. If you knew who I was, you would beg me for more. Second, The EU study is wrong. You are proof of it. Piracy enables your rotten behaviors and asinine beliefs. You are immoral because you argue against common sense that the artists should receive compensation for their works. Third, not all raws are overly censored and poorly scanned in low res. Citation: https://exhentai.org/g/1479120/9d697141ec/ This translation of the raw here has better res than the official release while stealing all the translation from the official release. This one is released by 2d market but the point still stands. Citation: https://exhentai.org/g/1459621/1a51df977b/ This is a prequel to the one which was removed by irodori. I don't know why they left this one out. But this is straight from dlsite not even a scan. It is what the artist put up for sale. Res is x6000 better than Fakku. Project H do provide some with the same kind of quality but we don't talk about them. Conclusion, contradiction: If the scans were low-res as you said, you wouldn't care enough to attack irodori. They remove the ones with quality which you consume illegally because piracy spoils rotten your personality to become an ingrate like this. The only one I argue you cited was someone way worse than you. He thinks the artists owe him their works. Anyone with common sense would go mad at him. Except you of course. You idiots are on the same spectrum. Fourth, you have exhausted your moral right to criticize the moment you blame the artists for lost sales.
5th, where is the lie? I said times and times over the remove galleries are backuped by other sites and they are removed because they will be released later on along the line. You can't read. I have never lied. Everyone reading these comments can see that. Ultimately, your lies exposed as you argue to excuse yourself. You let your bias take over and you lose. You will always be a loser when you are not among anonymity of an internet group identity. You are the example of what piracy have become. Whatever bad outcomes is never your fault. Your justifications are all but to make yourself feel a little better. heh
@gevfxbi hey Triskov, thx for introducing nep to me. He is the greatest organizer I could ever have. Are you sure you should be the one saying silly when we are both part of the problem? You know what went down. You know the damn truth.
>you are delusional >The EU study is wrong >Just nitpick and fake news >You let your bias >You can’t read. Somewhere in OnTakahashi/NarberalGamma4996's brain, he believes projecting himself onto others and denying reality is an "argument". Top tier mental illness.
He Buy(Some), But Still Looking On Piracy Site
Oui what's up loser? Can't argue with my facts? Maybe you shouldn't argue out of your ass with people who actually can reason. What a pathetic loser. Can't pay 5$ for a single doujin and have to beg around like a moron. I have dismantled all your arguements. Until then, I will keep calling you loser. Mr.Piracy Boost Sales Never Bought A Doujin The Loser. Hello
@Wyzz93 True. I am part of the problem also. But I have everything regardless what anyone uploads here. Still bought more than you though. Don't talk trash when we are all same. There is a difference between you, me and this loser who think the artists owe him everything they work on. And the loser, I don't care about people who download from these torrents. You see me lording my opinion on everybody else? I do fucking hate retards like you who insult artists and I will argue with you losers anywhere I see you all.
>what’s up loser? Can’t argue with my facts? >Maybe you shouldn’t argue out of your ass with people who actually can reason >I have dismantled all your arguements >Don’t talk trash when we are all same >You see me lording my opinion on everybody else? The absolute state of this psychopathic sperg. Somewhere in his two digit IQ brain, he believes his feelings and autistic outbursts are "facts" and "arguments". If you look at the timestamp on his posts, you'll see it takes him several hours to type too. >you who insult artists I know a lot of people aren't very familiar with OnTakahashi, but he likes to tell people that they are "insulting" and "harassing" artists when they don't want to give him any money. He is that delusional, pretty much.
You calling me names is not gonna debunk all your statements are false. Why are you even trying at this? You lost already. You are calling me names because you lost the argument. There is no shame in that. Everyone does that to salvage what little ego they have and deflect. I can cite you the harrassments but you are gonna do the same again. How many citations do I need to prove your falsehood? I am a seperate entity from irodori. There is nothing I can do to change your delusion. I bring up my fakku account when you accused me of not buying anything at all. I cited exhentai you so love about the galleries being low-res, poorly scanned works and even included the highest quality Dlsite version. What falsehood have I uttered? I am not an advocate for piracy. You are. You insulted the artists remember, loser? You said if they lost sales, it is because they were bad to begin with. It has nothing do with Takahashi. It is you. Harassment yes. Every time irodori annouces a new artist or artists tweet about they are working with them, you all run around in the thread making exaggerated accusations against irodori, insisting the artists they are better without them. But believe what you will. I will always say the truth. Finally resorted to insults huh. Sure, sure. Every comeback you makes, I will comeback even stronger.
>You calling me names is not gonna debunk >Why are you even trying at this >You lost already >you lost the argument. >You insulted the artists remember Top lel, the psychopathic sperg should get a job at a cinema, I heard they need a lot of projectors and on the plus side, it'll be his first real job. https://i.imgur.com/VhfwDVx.png
Sigh..... What does it have to do with any of my statements? All the fucks doesn't make it less true or false. You can keep insulting me all day here. I will wait until you can find faults with my citations. I mean you lost. You stopped arguing with me on my points. Just keep being a loser. I will indulge you.
@NarberalGamma4996 I just find it amusing how excitable you're being, that''s all.
Me, too. It wasn't quite amusing when a certain website banned me and I stopped. Is it? I sure was excitable back then but you weren't really silly nilly about it. A shame really. But it turned out better for me in the end. Thank you for quiting.
Pay attention to NarberalSperg4996 going full circle and playing the victim now. Always take your meds if you've got several mental illnesses, or you'll end up like him.
@NarberalGamma4996 I'm glad it's worked out for you. Personally, I don't care either way about any of this.
What are you assuming idiot? You don't even know the context to the conversation. You sure talk big for someone who haven't bought a single doujin. Are you sure you aren't the one with mental illness? Making up lies and parroting self-serving arguments because you couldn't afford a single doujin. Jumping through so many loops just to excuse your own immoral behaviour. Digusting.
Popcorn anyone? got soda too... *sits on sofa* *eats popcorn*
Give me some of that popcorn :D Well I'm just here to discover new stuff (don't mind me), buy some if they're really good (and maybe upload them here if they aren't already). Might upload some Bifidus stuff after lockdown XD
Don't bother arguing with NarberalSperg4996. He goes full circle with assumptions, lies, "n-no you!" and 12 yo insults. Just grab a nice drink, maybe throw in some popcorn, poke at him with a stick and enjoy the ride.
@ultimaonlineplayer It's clearly OnTakahashi himself posting again since his sockpuppet Dudun got exposed earlier. It's the same peculiar semi-fluent writing style, and most characteristically, the same idiotic arguments. To those of you pirates out there, I'd like to congratulate you for your work so far, and I hope that you manage to pirate every single Irodori translation out there so that OnTakahashi will have to eventually turn to an honest profession or starve.
"To those of you pirates out there, I’d like to congratulate you for your work so far, and I hope that you manage to pirate every single Irodori translation out there so that OnTakahashi will have to eventually turn to an honest profession or starve." Are you self-aware that you actually made a point about piracy decreasing sales? Hmm, I thought all of you believed piracy has no effect on sales. You are all so stupid and deprived beyond saving. Piracy doesn't harm sales Proceeds to pirate to harm sales lol
@NarberalGamma4996 Of course it has no effect on sales. No one was ever going to buy your stolen translations anyway. The only true way to support the artist is to purchase Japanese raws, Fanbox, etc. Vultures like you add no value.
But why should I buy japanese raws and go to fanbox? What is it in for me? I can't read japanese. Tell me places where I can buy official english translations and support the artists at the same time. All these oversea publishers grifting the artists is false and you all know it. If they really do, why would they even work with them? All your arguements are full of contradictions. Add no value? That is ironic from a pirate saying "To those of you pirates out there, I’d like to congratulate you for your work so far, and I hope that you manage to pirate every single Irodori translation out there so that OnTakahashi will have to eventually turn to an honest profession or starve." Let me guess. You also haven't bought a single raw or subscribed on fanbox. Ingrate, you have added none to the value. Stolen translations? https://exhentai.org/g/1479120/9d697141ec/ the people on your side literally stole the translation from 2d market which is the least aggressive group among the publishers. Their stuffs are literally littered on the site. Disgusting filths, "Supporting the artists" to mask your indifferent piracy.
@NarberalGamma4996 Well in that case there are two ways this can go down: 1. Piracy has no effect on sales so your DMCAs are pointless and the only thing harming your sales is your constant shit-flinging here, or 2. Piracy has a significant effect on sales and you go bust and slink away to the murky depths from whence you came. We'll see how it goes.
>You also haven’t bought a single raw or subscribed on fanbox. Ingrate, you have added none to the value. It's a waste of time arguing with NarberalSperg4996. He'll simply attack you with assumptions and insult you when you've used common sense and facts against him. Sometimes he'll oppose himself in his retarded rants too. For example, he admitted that there's no point in removing galleries on e-hentai because the quality is worse and it gets re-uploaded else where, and then he changed his mind in the next sentence. He's literally crazy.
Hi OP, can you also upload these too? Thanks :) https://www.fakku.net/hentai/summer-sacrifice-english https://www.fakku.net/hentai/hypnotic-sexual-counseling-natsumi-obata-english https://www.fakku.net/hentai/isnt-my-wife-just-the-cutest-english https://www.fakku.net/hentai/rin-obuki-wants-to-make-a-cuck-english https://www.fakku.net/hentai/inseminators-for-hire-2-english https://www.fakku.net/hentai/thats-the-guy-you-want-english https://www.fakku.net/hentai/gacha-girl-english https://www.fakku.net/hentai/boy-toy-rental-service-english https://www.fakku.net/hentai/holiday-with-my-busty-cousin-3-english https://www.fakku.net/hentai/im-not-your-idol-english
@NarberalGamma4996 suck my dick
ffs 58 fucking comments on a tiny gallery, because a handful of retards (myself included apparently) got trolled by one massive inbred sped shilling for fakku @fakku shill: Seriously, grab a rope, go to a forest, tie a noose, and shoot yourself in the head you cretin.
Searched for some wholesome fap, found some toxic self righteous guy who thinks he is always right lmao