Hump Bang! (ハンプバング!) (Dual Audio) [UNCEN][BDrip 1914x1080 Hi10P FLAC] - English Softsubs

2020-04-06 07:53 UTC
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**Subs:** SubDESU-H **RAWs:** Galan_rus_raw **[Mediainfo](** >Kouji and Hiro are exploring their sexual lives, not with ease, but with gradual acceptance of each other's tastes. Kouji acts as the dominant master and Hiro seems to be the willing slave. Will this setup work for these two? ![alt text]( "Hump Bang!")

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Thanks again, Lucas! Slightly off-topic: I'm impressed that your release of Cartagra is the only uncensored English-subbed release catalogued on AniDB. If you can help it, could that be your next upload?
lucascba93,brother tnx for the upload. Can u upload these two new uncensored videos? Ienai Koto ep. 2 / イエナイコト the Animation [AniMan] Misuzu: Ikenai Koto / misuzu -イケナイコト- [AniMan] There are two ways to get them: 1. From their main website to buy dvd: 2. From their other main website which is used for streaming. This is trimax streaming website. I can't directly provide the link of those two videos as I don't have an account on that website a)Goto this streaming website b)Then scroll down c)Then the row before the last row…u will see the uncensored videos of the above two as named( Love Express - Misuzu Takase and Price Of A Secret - Lena Hayakawa) Can u plz upload them here?
@uncen Lucas combines the highest quality raws he can find (typically provided by QTS, Galan, or Velka/Erokuni) with the best fansub scripts available (along with the English dubs where they exist). As far as I'm aware, he doesn't actually import the German releases himself. Since his previous Trimax-licensed releases were based on the raws uploaded to торрент иваниваныч, I think it's a safe bet that Lucas will only be able to fulfill your request once someone on that site has shared them. That, or once someone has uploaded the German DVD-ISOs to Anime-Sharing, whichever comes first.

lucascba93 (uploader)

@DarksideEmu I''ll try to upload it one of these days, though the reason I didn't upload it here was because I didn't put much effort in that. @uncen as you've been told, If someone releases the RAWs with no subs in the future then I'll work on them.
where can i find Cartagra release? been looking for it everywhere!