Hump Bang! (ハンプバング) 01-02 [2012][720p-HEVC-BDRip][UNCEN][2/2 English Subbed][Dual Audio]

2020-04-05 17:00 UTC
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![image]( ![image]( [Blu-ray (cropped) compared to my rip upsized from 720p->1080p]( English subtitles: Retail subtitles from the Blu-rays with titles typeset and a bit of editing to fix incorrect your/you're usage, etc. Source: BDMV -> 10bit x265. Thank you [LegitRips]( for sharing the [BDMV](! Audio is Japanese FLAC (default) + English AAC. Hiro, the green haired chick's English voice recording quality is absolute shit in episode 1 for whatever reason. There is very noticible audio artifacts whenever she talks, almost like it was recorded in a shitty home studio with a webcam mic or some shit. Kouji's on the other hand is a solid studio recording. Notes: Typical IVTC for bad sources is used (tfm+tdeint+qtgmc) alongside some AA plus additional processing via mask filtering to further fix the source's terrible line art. I am too lazy to scenefilter, so the masks and filtering isn't optimal (scenes are debanded even if they don't need it), but it's a very good rip in comparison to other rip attempts made. Higher resolution rips are pretty pointless due to the "real" resolution of the source being around 405p. Even me releasing it as 720p is actually kind of silly.

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  • Hump Bang! (ハンプバング) [2012][720p-HEVC-BDRip][UNCEN]
    • Hump Bang! - 01 (ハンプバング ~い、いやっ!中出しはだめっ、赤ちゃんできちゃうぅぅ…っ!!~) [2012][720p-HEVC-BDRip][UNCEN].mkv (495.4 MiB)
    • Hump Bang! - 02 (ハンプバング ~スケベなイケナイ私のナカに、いっぱい精液そそいで下さいっ…!!~) [2012][720p-HEVC-BDRip][UNCEN].mkv (456.0 MiB)
This hentai looks like was made from 200x. thanks for sharing! PS: who watch Hentai with english dub anyways? ;)