Debt Sisters (借金姉妹) [UNCEN][BDrip 1454x1080 Hi10P FLAC] - English softsubs / Shakkin Shimai

2020-04-04 15:57 UTC
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**Subs:** NSFW **RAWs:** QTS **[Mediainfo](** * Based on the erotic game by Selen. >Two sisters, Kaho and Kasumi, are eyes deep in debt thanks to their now deceased father. Ookura Hiroyuki, a student of Kasumi who has a huge crush on her, finds out about her financial difficulties and offers to help out... but, only if... ![alt text]( "Debt Sisters")

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Thanks, Lucas! Keep up the good work! Quick question: I've noticed a number of releases attributed to you on AniDB that you haven't uploaded here (for example, Hump Bang!, Tokubetsu Byoutou, Cartagra, and Sagurare Otome). Would it be possible for you to share them here? Alternatively, could you point me to where you previously shared them? Googling the CRCs catalogued on AniDB turns up nothing, unfortunately... Thanks again!

lucascba93 (uploader)

@DarksideEmu You're welcome. I upload my releases in AB or OT, both private trackers. I upload whenever I can here but I'll try to upload a few more, which aren't here, later.
@lucascba93 Ah, that makes sense. I've never used invite-only trackers before. Well, whenever you have the time to spare to share your earlier releases here, I'll be patiently looking forward to them. See you then!
i think i always get your stuff from AB lucas my dude
Yeah, what about the English Dub? I can't find it anywhere on the Internet.