❀Bought | Released by velka❀ [200326][同人ゲーム][あせろら] 魔導士ティアと不思議な大図書館~Hな鑑定と恥療で世界を救う淫乱魔導士~ [RJ272147] Don't forgot credits 2jf

2020-03-26 00:36 UTC
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![Cover](https://img40.pixhost.to/images/316/142206130_1.jpg) Information | Link :------------: | :-------------: Information | https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ272147.html My Blog | http://dou.erokuni.net/ *** Download Links | http://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/hentai-games-38/japanese-934165 :------------: | :-------------: If you wish to support me and what I’m doing – [please purchase Premium Account through my Rapidgator links.](https://rapidgator.net/article/premium/ref/2044523) I need and appreciate your support. | :------------: | :-------------: I was informed that 2D.G.F. accused me of having miner in my files - That's a lie. I personally gave FTW infraction for posting game with bitcoin miner on A-S. If you download anything from 2D.G.F. - mikocon, Make sure to carefully check if their release not infected with chines spyware or bitcoin miners. Run exe from their upload through virus scan online or offline. Be safe and vigilant.

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  • [200326][同人ゲーム][あせろら] 魔導士ティアと不思議な大図書館~Hな鑑定と恥療で世界を救う淫乱魔導士~ [RJ272147].zip (1.2 GiB)
the early bird gets the stone
I've been in quarantine for a week...this will be my snack for a few days, thanks mate!
Yay for new Acerola goodness
Nice! this will keep me sane in these quarantine nights.
THANKS MAN! and please kep update the game with every new patch coming its the goooooodesssss best new game of 2020
as much as I love acerola, since they still use Wolf RPG Maker and I have yet to find a way to properly hook the text in the newer versions, I can not very well play it. Google did not help yet again just like it took so long to find RPGMakerMVGame Hook patcher for MV games. While I have found Translator++ which might be able to machine tl it in one go (I also prefer having both languages), I am currently stuck with an old system without x64. I'd be very glad if someone can point me to an update of this situation if Translator++ is indeed not the only mean (besides trying to get the hook code manually) even if it is just a currently updated list of h-codes.

velka (uploader)

I don't mind updating but do ask me for updates here. Just because i will forget about it.
@SakuraKoi Textractor works with it (use the x86 version)
Thank you, although I have issue with having to jump between non-H-, H and UI, it is not like VNR offered more than 2 strings at once anyway so I finally can get to research my Wolf RPG folder during forced vacation without having to resort to OCR (tried with Claire, not for long).
http://acerola.kir.jp/patch/tear_syuusei.zip v1.01 patch for fixing the menu bug replace the file inside the Data file in the game directory
ok , i get it. no wonder they claim 5k buyer , 50k patch downloader <3
i can´t open the game "cannot write to game.ini check access permission settings" someone knows how to fix it?
shadowndark1790 either the directory to the game is way too long or you never set the locate to japanese to open the game or go right click your folder check whether did you grant the write setting to the game folder
Yeah, Acerola (may Kami-sama bless their hearts) provides the update on their page most of the time (in this case the ci-en page), so updating shouldn't be a prob - for now... It's already v1.02 now, btw... xD
Update 1.03 is out. There it is: http://acerola.kir.jp/patch/tear_syuusei.zip (and I think the link is the same for all updates, they just change the file for a new one) Here's the whole site, check it sometimes for the latest version: http://acerola00.blog.fc2.com/
any way to unlock gallery after completing the game? I miss some events and idk how to get them with these moonrunes