Energy Kyouka!! (えなじぃキョーカ!!) 01-02 [2016][720p-HEVC-WEBRip][2/2 English Subbed]

2020-03-01 11:40 UTC
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![image]( ![image]( [Comparison to the DVDRips available.]( Kyouka is an ideal step sister. English subtitles: SubDesu-H/HentaiHaven (Edited). Fixed some guesslations. Re-did typesetting. Source: DRM HDRip -> 10bit x265. S-Tier release. A decent upgrade over the DVDRips. Audio is trimmed from the old DVDRips from hikoko123. The start of episode 2's audio is from the web audio as that part was missing in hikoko123's DVDRip. Notes: Fixed a small [animation error]( in episode 2 that probably isn't even noticible when you watch it. There will be some minor missing background details due to source limitations as usual with the DRM rips. If you want to contribute for other series, or have a DMM/PINKPINEAPPLE/OTHER H-DISTRIBUTOR account with purchased series that you want to share, contact me on [discord]( or on Rizon same nickname as here. I plan on putting out these rips long term. This is especially important because certain older and even newer series often have better sources than DVDs available and will likely never get blu-ray releases. The H scene in its current state is fairly lackluster in terms of lads who care about quality. Hentai deserves better. Hentai is art. Hentai gives existence meaning. (ノ∀`♥) Join the [discord]( Everyone is welcome.

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Nice. Thanks!
thank you for doing both episodes much appreciated.
This is probably one of the most retarded stories I've ever seen. Main heroine fucks a bunch of random old dudes and sucks a ton of cock. Her childhood friend is introduced, she gets jealous and says she hates the idea of him having sex with anyone else. They get their romantic scene. She goes back to sucking stranger dick, while riding and giving the other a handjob. Disgusting heroine.