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2020-01-19 09:02 UTC
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![Cover](https://i.want.tf/to/that/2020/01/17/18750fbbda240a8c4.jpg) Information | Link :------------: | :-------------: Information | https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ274983.html My Blog | http://dou.erokuni.net/ *** Download Links | http://www.anime-sharing.com/forum/hentai-games-38/japanese-911134/#post5118155 :------------: | :-------------: If you wish to support me and what I’m doing – [please purchase Premium Account through my Rapidgator links.](https://rapidgator.net/article/premium/ref/2044523) I need and appreciate your support. | :------------: | :-------------: I was informed that 2D.G.F. accused me of having miner in my files - That's a lie. I personally gave FTW infraction for posting game with bitcoin miner on A-S. If you download anything from 2D.G.F. - mikocon, Make sure to carefully check if their release not infected with chines spyware or bitcoin miners. Run exe from their upload through virus scan online or offline. Be safe and vigilant.

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  • [200117][同人ゲーム][ひょう・ちゅう] 隷属スキルで理想郷作り [RJ274983].zip (1.2 GiB)
Welp, this sure is one of those mythical "kusoge" (shit games) I luckily never had the displeasure to play, until now. It pretty much makes it obvious after one point that it is basically a scam since the content is 6 Base HCG which might have high quality but... those are just 6 Base HCG. The game is artificially bloated and has literary no game design behind it. Balancing? Skills? Guards that can talk? More than an hour of content? Nope. Not that it is perhaps needed since 5 of the HCG are found when the game is hiding its low production value (although ofc there are tells). Well designed bait... you might not like to take it and it appears that luckily few took and bought it anyway. Yeah it would have been neat if it had 1.2 GB worth of HCG content, it'd be awesome even but it has not.