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2020-01-02 20:27 UTC
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![Image]( **Title**: Knight & Princess **Genre**: Game Book Visual Novel **Year**: Japan 2014-05-23, English Patch 2020-01-01 **Developer**: Yukari **Publishers**: Yukari **Language**: English **Translation**: [Avallac'h Translations]( & panop857 **Description**: Yukari's third Game Book Visual Novel, following Thief & Sword and Thief and Troll! Cerot Watoluna is the heir to a country ruled by a line of women. During the trial to prove her worthiness to claim the throne, she has gone missing and was last seen near a certain border city. Lynx Iritemo is sent to investigate Cerot's disappearance, a path that leads her to the Trade City of Glass Pampas. Glass Pampas is a neutral city where the peace is maintained by a security force, and exists without foreign intervention. It is a pleasure city in which things like gambling, prostitution, sexual slavery, and snuff shows are allowed. Human life and freedom are of little value here. Can Lynx infiltrate the treacherous city and save Cerot **Important**: 1. You need to change locale to Japanese. 2. No need to install. 3. Translation Notes: - All lines translated and tested. - All items descriptions translated. - Some items descriptions were too vague or poorly phrased, this was an issue even to Japanese players so I rephrased some that really needed. - All images translated and edited. (sorry in advance for the shaky judgment roll) - All commands lines translated and tested. - All skills translated. - All story branches tested, after fixing an issue with the flag "Delinquent Insult", now all branches can be accessed. - All sex scenes translated and all voices organized as intended. - Removed screen effects who never worked in the first place. - Removed status effects that never worked in the first place. - All arena fights tested, I fixed a bug where a fight in the arena was impossible to complete. - All arena command lines translated. - All arena images translated and edited. - Remade all the buttons from the main menu. - Menu commands translated. - Gallery translated. - Replay mode translated. - All flags tested and working as intended. - Achievements translated, but don't bother, it's broken. - Flags macros translated. - Fixed all sex scenes titles for the replay mode and save files. - Gacha mode translated. Source: 4. Known Problems: - Replay mode titles cannot use " ' " or it will be inaccessible. - All text in-game don't have "line break", this is all my fault, because when I noticed I already had 60% the story and 100% of the sex scenes translated already, I'm really sorry about this. - Comma "," doesn't work in items descriptions. - k788 registed as k789. - x_figes07401 - bad audio mixing. - es80 - Mayari has no voice. - Achievements(Title) - lot of bugs, don't even bother. - Items - Bracelet description bugged. - Replay mode - es02 going to es01 - The rest may be only typos (my own mistakes), or silly errors and bugs not worth mentioning, thank you very much for reading! Source: **!!!** [Thief & Sword]( **!!!** [Thief and TROLL]( **Screenshots**: ![Image]( ![Image]( ![Image]( ![Image]( ![Image](

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wow didn't expect this to get translated!
i played a similar game to this long time ago has the same system but not sure if they are the same people do they have an account on dlsite? and thanks for sharing mate ur the best

superelmo (uploader)

LoliSenpai, if you're thinking about "Thief and Troll" or "Thief & Sword", it's the same developer. You can find links in the description. This is the developer's account on DLsite:
@supereImo thanks always for the good uploads. May I ask if you also uploaded Rei-Jin-G-Lu-P? I can't seem to find it even on Vanilla nyaa

superelmo (uploader)

Does anyone have a flowchart/walkthrough for this? I see I'm missing like 80% of the content even though I've hit good endings with both characters. The other routes are dead ends.