[PROcoders] Hitozuma Kasumi-San ep.1-2 en-jp uncen 1080 Neural + restoration v1.1

2019-11-29 12:22 UTC
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What is done https://ibb.co/vLNNGKZ What's new v1.1 https://ibb.co/XWx4m0R Screenshots https://ibb.co/album/gWg20a It took a lot of manual handwork: redraw frames damaged by shitty DVD-authoring, remove artefacts, fix Jp end titles, redraw En end titles. Final fix v1.1 *fix more artefacts in scenes *remove jp end titles *fix banding *encode on new x264 build donate for new GPU (more powerful neural magic) Ko-fi https://ko-fi.com/procoders BTC 33mMi6LvfQGAPJkSmoELi2cciw8FaFqQzi

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Interesting release dude. I find it kind of odd that the end credits don't move at a constant rate though. They're pretty choppy. I assume this is because you re-did them? You can easily fix that by making a super long image [like this](https://i.imgur.com/nBsTpKh.png) with all the credits and then pan it from the top to the bottom of the image in after effects with two simple keyframes [like this](https://imgur.com/a/qdazdyS), so it's silky smooth.
Thanks everyone♥ >Puff Yes, thanks for the comment. We do the same in ffmpeg. This effect probably arises due to the parameters of speed, time and frame rate of the final file for end titles. We will try to improve smoothness.
Thanks amigo No subs for the Jap audio?
So there will be another 1.2v fixing the credits? A really way to improve poor mastering without actually touching the drawings. Some years ago I reencoded somes anime DVD's using manual YATTA, but I could never get rid of some "interpolation artifacts" here and there.
Nice work one of the all time best hentai anime so far we have made i think. thank you PROcoders-san
We are grateful to the creators and software-developers ♥ Grate people
>NintendorkAMD "So there will be another 1.2v fixing the credits?" Rather no, not critical for that frame rate.