Seikatsu Shuukan The Animation (性活週間 THE ANIMATION) 01-02 [2019][720p-HEVC-WEBRip][2/2 English Subbed]

2019-11-18 21:34 UTC
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![Image]( ![Image]( [Comparison to the LQ DVDRip]( Original English softsubs by [SakuraCircle]( [01](, [02]( Adjusted typesetting and a few lines. Also added a few signs that weren't typeset. Source: DRM HDRip -> 10bit x265. A-Tier. Quality somewhere closer to a BDRip as majority of the scenes are well lit. Notes: Not my own source cap, but the source video was good enough to fix up. A few scenes in the first 4 minutes of episode 1 use interpolation and blending to fix choppy panning shots. A couple non-h scenes are slightly choppy and weren't altered as the movement was too fast for interpolation to predict good frames. It's probably not worth re-purchasing this title to produce a slightly better rip as there will likely be blu-rays put out by Pink Pineapple. DVD audio has been muxed in as the original HDRip's audio was bitstarved. If you want to contribute for other series or have a DMM/PINKPINEAPPLE/OTHER H-DISTRIBUTOR account with purchased series that you want to share, message me on Rizon or discord. I can rip from pretty much any source. I recently setup [this discord]( to discuss my releases, and HD hentai in general. I plan on putting out these HD releases long term because it doesn't look like anyone else is interested in anything but DVDrips or sometimes BDRips for the few series that get them. This is especially important because certain series will likely never get blu-ray releases. The H-Anime scene in its current state is fairly lackluster in terms of lads who care about quality. Hentai deserves better. Hentai is art. Hentai gives existence meaning. (ノ∀`♥) Chiaki is best girl btw.

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The quality is quite good its a shame pink pineapple put a watermark on it.
Too bad the watermark

Puff (uploader)

The Pink Pineapple watermark is truly one of the greatest tragedies of our time.
thanks for sharing!!