My Fair Princess / Kimi o Aogi Otome wa Hime ni / 君を仰ぎ乙女は姫に [English, Adult Version]

2019-11-09 17:59 UTC
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![alt text]( **Title**: Kimi o Aogi Otome wa Hime ni **Original title**: 君を仰ぎ乙女は姫に **Year**: Japan 2011-07-29, English Version 2019-11-08 **Developer**: PeasSoft **Publishers**: Panty Press & Sol Press **Language**: English **Voice**: Japanese **Description**: Satoshi Kanamori attends the world-renowned Ryokufuuin Academy as a scholarship student. Thanks to his scholarship, he doesn't have to worry about the tuition--a critical concern for the eldest son of a poor family of six (and a sheep). Despite that, Hitomi Miyazono, a cute underclassman who adores him with everything she's got, Ayame Enatsu, his trusty aid willing to lend an ear to all his troubles, and the seemingly blunt and abusive Rin Washio, his closest friends, have no idea about his financial situation. The weight of attending such a prestigious school sometimes becomes unbearable, but he's enjoying his busy student life at this glamorous establishment. One day, however, Kana Takamine, the school's biggest celebrity, gives him a life-changing assignment: "Satoshi, you'll play the leading role during this year's Ryokufuu Fest." Follow Satoshi on his journey to make the festival a success, all the while strengthening his bonds and finding love in his rose-colored student life. Now, let the curtain rise on the gentle, sweet love story of My Fair Princess! Source: [Sol Press]( **Important**: 1. No need to install. **!!!** Thanks to Ryahn! **Screenshots**: ![alt text]( ![alt text]( ![alt text](

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A man of the people.
Am i missing a typeface? All the letters in game are spaced oddly. This problem usually occurs if i dont have the required font style.
huh, my WinDef caught this as a Trojan threat. I take it this is false alarm?
I’m rather enjoying this one! Thx for the upload!
"Am i missing a typeface? All the letters in game are spaced oddly. This problem usually occurs if i dont have the required font style." Use Local emulator to fix this problem
is there an english walkthrough for this game yet?
Haven't tested it but there's 2 fonts somebody shared: [here]( source
There update patch for this, fixes the untranslated and the out of sync line issues... Anyone upload update patch?
Could you upload the updated game? Or just the patched files? Makes the game more playable.
@noZA_ Hey thanks, I tried doing this fix but it still does not work: Lately, I can't seem to run a number of VN's as well like The Witch's Love Diary, Dal Segno and My Fair Princess, they have the same issues, no error messages and they run in the processes when I check task manager. I just formatted my computer and I'm using Win10. I don't know if I'm missing something? I just downloaded direct x and the MC Visual c++, I also have my sys locale to jap. I can run other visual novels fine save for these three On a side note: I think I hear an error sound when I run My Fair Princess, but no error messages can be seen And it still runs in the task manager Update: OMG. I found the culprit it's the Nahimic 2 audio for some reason. Man, to anyone who may have this rare error try disabling it. Info found here:
@noZA_ thanks for sharing the fonts, worked perfectly.
Did anyone manage to grab the update patch that was only provided to steam? Without it, the game is a boggle mess in some areas.
I was only able to find APJapanesefontT and mplus-1m-regular. After installing them, its still the same and didn't fix the font spacing problem? Where can I download the font RomanMinchoEG-Ultra-SJIS-01? According from the discussion on this link; he used these 3 fonts in fixing the font problem: APJapanesefontT mplus-1m-regular RomanMinchoEG-Ultra-SJIS-01
is it just me or some config settings are weird?