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2019-11-06 21:53 UTC
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Buy the physical copy here https://store.fakku.net/collections/books/products/fresh-meat ![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/LJORUML.png "")

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Finally, some good fucking food. Keep 'em coming
Thank you so much!
Can you please do the 2 latest Tachibana Omina doujins? Chapter 4 and all the extra
Muchas Gracias Thank you so much!
@andreq96 https://www.mediafire.com/view/kqqggpc3lzekv9l/Tachibana_Omina_-_Tales_of_a_Harem_in_Another_World_Vol.4+4.5.cbr/file EDIT: I don't have the extras for volumes 1-3, sorry
@Andrew_Martin Thanks a lot. Any chance you have the extras for chap 1-3 as well?
can you get The Otaku in 10,000 B.C. Vol. 1&2 ?
@andreq96, @Andrew_Martin. You have discord?
@asSes I have an account
@Andrew_Martin. I'll pm you there. What is your id? Mine asSes#4030
OP please upload this as well I need it https://www.fakku.net/hentai/mesmerism-5-a-wifes-hypno-therapy-english
thanks man. hope we can get Pandra translated by fakku next.
Is there any chance for Minamoto's artwork "I Shouldn't Have Gone To The Doujinshi Convention Without Telling My Wife" to be uploaded ?
@Andrew_Martin Holy shit thank you so much for vol 4+4.5! Been waiting a long while for it.
@Rexagardz I only have the first one http://www.mediafire.com/file/l8nen913i2n0eq9/Minamoto_-_I_Shouldn%2527t_Have_Gone_to_the_Doujinshi_Convention_Without_Telling_My_Wife_1.cbr/file
@Andrew_Martin woah thank you very much dude, at first I think no one ever post it though It's art is so cool
MEME50 Limit Break! please ಥ_ಥ
Thanks (≧∇≦)b Any chance for Aiue's Hypnotic Counseling 4 (Part 1&2), or Yuu Nozaki one????
https://www.fakku.net/hentai/hypnotic-sexual-counseling-session-25-followup-english Op pls upload this one
Hey everyone. I am looking for this. Kindly upload if you have it, thank you :) https://www.fakku.net/hentai/hypnotic-sexual-counseling-session-25-followup-english