Joshi Luck! (OVAじょしラク!) [DLrip 1280x720 Hi10P AAC] - English Softsubs

2019-10-05 19:22 UTC
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**Subs:** SakuraCircle (retimed to match the RAWs and fixed a line with the wrong style on ep. 01) **RAWs:** (Source: DLsite WebDL) **[Mediainfo](** >*Teacher, Kuroda Koutarou is tasked with advising the girls' lacrosse club. While on duty he unintentionally peeps on the girls changing and is caught. But instead of reporting it, the five lascivious girls decide to play with Kuroda-sensei, who is in no position to refuse but isn't too averse to the arrangement.* ![alt text]( "Joshi Luck!")

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  • Joshi Luck! [DLrip 1280x720 Hi10P AAC]
    • Joshi Luck! - 01 (SakuraCircle) [DLrip 1280x720 Hi10P AAC][9E3A4D49].mkv (216.0 MiB)
    • Joshi Luck! - 02 (SakuraCircle) [DLrip 1280x720 Hi10P AAC][88FCD985].mkv (208.3 MiB)
do you have a plan with Amakano series?

lucascba93 (uploader)

^ What exactly do you want me to do with it? OCR the subs and merge them with DVD RAWs?
@Arsy-id I have Amakano eps 1-4 in 1280x720. It's upscaled with waifu2x program so image is very good, better than raws. Also I have english subs in ass format for it. I can't make a torrent to share, because my upload speed is low, the only option to share it, is to upload somewhere, and then I could give you a download link if you give me conntact email or something. Or maybe @lucascba93 could make a torrent for it later and share here.
Okay here is the version of Amakano that I have. Someone please make a torrent and share on nyaa, my upload rate is terrible. It was upscaled with waifu program, it's still better than DVD raws.
Kokoro1000 it's looks like terrible shit =\