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2019-09-19 12:07 UTC
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Just bought it and why not?

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cool thx! :)
you are a hero man
Thank you so much for uploading the installer/setup version!!! Hope to see more installer/setup versions like this in the future from you!!! Your awesome man! Could you also please upload other Visual Novel installers from Mangagamer please? Like Evenicle and If You Love Me, Then Say So! Many Thanks in Advance!
Last time I downloaded a setup version there was a miner in there, and the antivirus, didn't detect it untill it was installed, so I will pass all the installers version.. xD (It was Evenicle, but this seems legit, the size is smaller as it should from the other release, while the one I got was larger)
@Senect What antivirus do you use? does it have real time protection? Installer/setup, zipped version or archives or whatever format it is... There's abound to be viruses and malwares found everywhere in the Internet... You should have known it by now since your a fellow pirate, this is the high seas after all... There's always privateers and buccaneers strolling around waiting to kill us all... In the form of trojans, viruses, and malwares!!! Use your gut feelings the next time before you download something.... And anyways this particular torrent was verified by the great superelmo! And his word is LAW!!!
Yeah Superelmo warned me before I downloaded that Evenicle cancer version, I just confirmed it xD Well I have Kaspersky Total Security, not cracked, always updated with latest version of DB and with everything on, that's why I was like WTF, he warned me after the install was completed, it had 1 exe and 2 bin file kinda like this one, that's why when I see exe and bin, I just avoid them right now, the only difference that Superelmo noticed was the larger total size and that's a big no no.
@Senect lol you already knew there's a virus/malware on the file and you still download then install it? Anyways speaking about anti virus software, best anti virus/malware available on the market today is Malwarebytes... The thing has real time protection that can even block incoming viruses/malwares while I'm downloading torrents in the Internet. you should uninstall Kaspersky since its does not provide suitable protection in the long run. Just download the latest crack version. You won't regret it! Best Anti Virus ever! It can even blocked malicious websites in your browser! And its lightweight too! And lastly hope Olegase would upload the other installer/setup versions of Rance games from MangaGamer! This is my first Rance game and I'm having a blast already! Despite having no Sounds on its Hentai Scene or voice acting!! The gameplay is quite addicting! Many thanks once again!!! You've have my eternal gratitude!!!

Olegase (uploader)

C'mon man, what's the point for me to add viruses in my own torrent with link to my social page? It's not my fault that Mangagamer pack their games in installer
@Olegase Yeah agree! Official Visual Novels are often being released through Installers/setup such as what Mangagamer and JAST USA are doing! Even GOG.COM Does it too! These guys are often using the archives or zipped torrents that's why used to installers and are the ones who often complained... Tsk Tsk... Anyways just disregard their baseless, gibberish whining. I on the other hand really appreciated and delighted what you did! This is the first Rance game I every played and now enjoying every moments of it! Hope you'll also upload other Mangagamer Gamers in their original installers! No need to unpack them and convert to zipped files or archives. That's superelmo's job! I'm just glad he included the original installer on his torrent so I was able to find this wonderful game! Otherwise I won't download or play a Visual Novel which is not in its original installer form. Once again, it may not be that much but thank you so much for uploading this game here!
This is the link for Sengoku Rance patch v1.05 - "This patch fixes a number of issues including: Mouse stuck freeze after dragging commanders or items to the left side of the screen Error message when getting Game Over Minor graphical glitch at the end of a battle (fade out effect missing for battle bar) Several typos" “Copy over “Rance7.ain” and “version.txt” in the root game folder to apply.” And @Olegasend could you also please upload the other Rance game that is currently available on Mangagamer which is Rance VI + 5D the installer/setup version please?! Thanks in advance!!!