Tsuushinbo Another Story Disc ~Hitori de Dekiru mon!, Himitsu no Yoshuu~ / 通心ぼ アナザーストーリーディスク ~一人でできるもん!、ヒミツの予習~ [English Patched]

2019-09-15 13:32 UTC
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![Image](https://i.postimg.cc/Sx419hzv/C.jpg) **Title**: Tsuushinbo Another Story ~Hitori de Dekiru mon!, Himitsu no Yoshuu~ **Original title**: 通心ぼ アナザーストーリー ~一人でできるもん!、ヒミツの予習~ **Year**: Japan 2015-10-30, English Patch 2019-09-14 **Developer**: Marble Candy Soft **Publisher**: Marble Candy Soft **Language**: English **Voice**: Japanese **Translation**: [Anonymous](https://vndb.org/r66255) **Description**: This is a collection of three short stories taking place after each girl's first time. **Important**: 1. You need to change system locale to Japanese. 2. Run IHS.exe and install. After the installation is complete, run tsushinbo-sp.exe to start the game. 3. Menu is not translated. **!!!** "This is just a pack of side stories, the main game is not included." **Screenshots**: ![Image](https://i.pixxxels.cc/LsDjWd5h/ss.jpg) ![Image](https://i.pixxxels.cc/Gpdkz3cZ/sss.jpg) ![Image](https://i.pixxxels.cc/Dwqrq4Kr/s.jpg)

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  • Tsuushinbo Another Story
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In case someone didnt get it from the title: This is just a pack of side stories, the main game is not included.

superelmo (uploader)

The description wasn't clear enough? Sorry!
Mentioned it just in case :)
At least I read description first. Cause I went like "Wow loli!". xD Thanks for the upload. EDIT: looked the vndb and sad that the main game not yet translated
The translator wants to do the main game so he did this as a bit of a test run.
aw english patch!!!!! Thanks a lot <3
Whoa! A VN about lolis! and its also a installer/setup version too!!! Although it requires Japanese Locale to operate Hmmm.... Anyways... Loli games are always nice hehehe! Thank you so much! If isn't too much to ask, umm... could you also upload the installer/setup version of Suika A.S+ from Mangagamer, that VN is kinda hard to find.... https://vndb.org/v99 Many thanks in advance!
getting game fully japanese.no english even in the game inside

superelmo (uploader)

Not true. The game is in English. I took the screenshots myself. If what you mean is that you want to play it in Japanese, then replace data.fpk with the file inside the data.rar archive.
This doesn't work. it just gives me japanese error message when I try to open

superelmo (uploader)

Shinx, absolutely not true. This does work if you follow the instructions and change system locale to Japanese correctly or use programs like Locale Emulator.
How does it look with the main game? Will it be ever translated? Oh god, please, I need an answer!!!