│2D.G.F.│ [190910] [ドージンオトメ] あまえんぼ

2019-09-10 16:21 UTC
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![im](http://i.ibb.co/bJX4Mrk/RJ258362.jpg) あまえんぼ ブランド / Brand: ドージンオトメ 発売日 / Release Date: 2019/09/10 ファイルサイズ / File Size: 752MB 紹介ページ / Information: [https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/2024](https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/2024) 紹介ページ / Information: [http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ258362](http://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ258362) 紹介ページ / Information: [https://bbs.mikocon.com/forum-42-1.html](https://bbs.mikocon.com/forum-42-1.html) │ [bishoujo](http://bishoujo.moe)

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  • (同人ゲーム) [190910][RJ258362][ドージンオトメ] あまえんぼ (files).rar (752.9 MiB)
there is no fire corruption error during scuba-dive mini game. unlike velka's version.
2D.G.F. rat, where credits. version are the same lmao
same version yet yours is corrupted lmao
Pretty sure when it comes to works from smaller circles it's a bit of a unspoken rule to upload them a few days after the release date... You know, so that there's actually some money going to the creators for the initial wave of purchase.
How did a retard like velka get trusted status? He keeps spamming other people's torrents with slander, while they usually have a newer version of the game and don't add advertisement files to the archive.
@smashproof not only that but also to ensure the game itself has no game breaking bugs
Alright ladies and gentlemen, mostly gentlemen, place your bets*! Is velka perhaps already making profit with this "business" or not, velka is just by nature a dick and cunt (at the very same time!) yet for some odd reason does this "charity"? *Winnings will only be payed out once both, velka and 2D.G.F/mikocon, bare their transaction history flawlessly of the past 3 months.
I have had experience the same error on the underwater level. This not caused by the "version" but by the back ground applications. Also i post directly what author uploaded on dlsite, i don't extract zip file. >other people 2gf aren't people but a chinese pirate group who's well known for keeping all releases behind paywall, stealing other people releases and credit them randomly, the "crediting" goes only for those who don't interfere with 2gf empire which doesn't exist any more, thanks to girlcelly and my efforts with providing all available releases for free. Guess you people forgot how it was with titles tkaing weeks before they are being available or months with normal eroge. I spend around 1.5 million yenn / year on releases if that's something you want to know.
I support you velka can't image if you not buying games and 2D.G.F. stop release games that you buy
I appreciate your support but you are missing the point. Reason why i spite 2gf is because they are cancer on the community and lock everything behind pay wall, people cna't be this dumb to believe that 2gf will release anything on time, the demanded what 2gf warded few years back was a 1+ month delay for a public releases
@velka you finished the game ? how i can make that sshe is cums i know that the child cum when the middle button of mouse but the housewifes?