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I want perfect guide
Just suggest of cheating aka editing your save file since once you get all the skills and have lots of money this game will just become pretty linear, to get the heroines ending just pretty much fill up the pink and blue bar by doing each heroine mini-game,spending time with them or gifts for the pink bar, The Aunt washing the dishes,Blonde haired Sister is collecting fishes & bugs and Blue haired Sister by getting tutored in math you can find this mini-games on both sister room and the kitchen, though Blonde sister requires sleeping with her in 90?% pink bar and for Aunt in 20% and 90?% to proceed in their route and the 3P is having sex with either sister and being caught in act by either one and for 4P getting caught by aunt having 3P with the sisters this is done by maximizing alertness of being caught which done by having loud sex though careful since its the dad might the one caught you which is bad end as for the extra heroines pretty much just beat their mini-games and requirement. Pretty much done with the game except for some extra heroines scenes and 4P but don't want to bother continuing it lol just gonna wait for somebody to post their full save
Great game tho
@usamiharu The girls' pink meters seem to be "level capped", though. No matter how many points the game gives me for spending time with them and doing their mini-games, the pink meters just stay at 20 for the aunt, and 40 for the two sisters (no idea what I did to unlock them from 20 to 40). How do I raise their meter max so I can fill it to 100? Even if I do the mini-games till I'm blue in the face, it doesn't seem like i can do any of the advanced stuff without filling maxing out the pink meters. Also, who are these extra heroines you mentioned? The shop keeper and the uh....I think she's a gym teacher or something? I haven't seen any other characters anywhere that aren't just sillhouettes. And, what are their mini-games and requirements. All I can do with the shop keeper (from what I've been able to figure out) is to buy stuff from her and get things from that catcha machine. And the gym teacher just says something and ignores me afterwards. I don't even get any options with her.
@t1pak As i said you need to fill up both pink (their will be always capped like 20% then 40% to proceed which other two aunt and the blonde sister has requirement) and blue (the blue always need to be 100%) their is a cap for blonde sister at pink 90% which you need to sleep with her while on the Aunt on 20% sleep with her and you will see her giving blowjob on her husband thenyou will move on next phase in 90% in Aunt will be a another capped which you need to sleep with her again. As for the extra heroines, the shop keeper yes which some says you can do by visiting the "twitter" aka click the laptop on both sister room though idk how to proceed after that since their was 3 choices, the beach girl which as far i know will get removed in the updated version because its buggy, the gym teacher which is hard to finish because of how hard her mini-game is and btw you need 51 Energy/Stamina to this mini games so yes when you can't get their mini-games means that your stamina is low their is also the onee-san on the mountain where the shrine is which you need to capture bugs to get her scene and the loli which i still haven't encountered.
Extra heroines scene requirements (not my work) shop girl - check the PC everyday after (forgot when they mention you can use the pc), until u see a picture with bear then click the bear by the shop loli girl (not lolicon cuz it depicting the guy who lust for loli) - keep playing that game in the park with the boys / on the 5th event u can find the boy in the park at night time / then just keep going there on afternoon and play once a day while on it the other 3 girl are teacher - again when they talk about track team go to school and find the teacher there... need max physical about 150 (can be gained by climbing the moountain - higher activity left = higher gain) and just keep going bug girl (time sensitive) - forgot what day but again when the family talk about a girl climbing tree in forest after 2nd holiday... go to mountain and you will see her there, sell her all rare 1 2 3 4 bug and fish beach girl - after 3rd holiday when they talk about undersea treasure she will pop on beach 2nd map - this 1 is bugged and u can H her straight away
Thanks for the info on the extra heroines. But, I still can't figure out what I need to do do raise the max cap on the aunt and sisters' pink meters. Again, no idea how I did so far. But, I managed to raise it twice so far. And, for all three of them, it just stays maxed out at 60 and I can't get it any higher.
@t1pak if you can't get past on the capped level then you need wait for the h-scene event to trigger if that's what your having problem with the requirement i talked about on the blonde hair sister and aunt is only needed on 20% & 90% for the Aunt and 90% to sleep with them so don't bother filling the heroines bar as long as your in capped and the event still haven't happened.
hopefully somebody posts full save
https://mega.nz/#F!co4WmIhR!fu2f5l_SS2mgvhPu5nrtpw Here full save game not mine. And their seems to be a cheat to unlock everything make a offering on the shrine 20 times need to finish the game once though.
i still can't manage to uncap the big sis love parameter , i think i need an item to also do the side mission
@usamiharu Thanks for the full save. But, I've already unlocked almost everything so I kinda want to finish the game myself. It's kind of a grindy game, but also somewhat fun. Of course, it'd be even more fun if it was in English so I could understand what's being said, but that's a different problem, lol. Pretty much the only things I have left are to threesome and foursome options in the shop. Those two are the only things I haven't gotten yet because they're still locked for some reason. @BlueZenith I managed to completely max out to 100% the little sister (blue hair) while the blonde and the aunt I managed to get up to 80 that's where apparently I was missing something because their h-scene events didn't trigger anymore so I can unlock them completely. Either way, unless I'm mistaken, what I understand is that to get the h-scene event to trigger (applies for all three girls) you need to both have the pink meter maxed at the current cap (20, 40, 60 or 80) AND you also need to have the blue meter at least at 100. Otherwise, the event won't trigger and you'll just keep getting points that will get discarded instead of stacking because the girls are capped. Can someone confirm? Also, can anyone tell me what it is I'm missing for the blonde and the aunt at 80 that I can't unlock their final level cap?
the blonde sis didn't let me do the side mission which i'm stuck at
What side mission? You mean giving her the bugs and fish you've collected? If that's the one you mean, then you have to click on the pencil icon specifically in her room. It doesn't matter which room the blonde is in at the moment. If you click on that icon in the kitchen, it'll always start the aunt's dish washing mini-game and if you do it in the little sister's room it'll just start the math game.
@t1pak yeah that one , i don't know how to give it , also where should i caught the bugs?
i can't trigger blue hair sister scene at 40% pink bar, does somebody know what i have to do?
@t1pak for the 80% blonde sister you have to sleep at the beach. also i need help to unlock mom scene at 60%
Like wnabari, I can't figure out how to advance with the blue hair sister, stuck at 40%... I managed to get 100% with Momo, but I haven't done anything special, just blue bar at max, and sleeping with her when she's a 60%. I don't know if there is a special rule.
@bluezenith to collect bugs, you need to buy an item in the shop (with a "bug" icon, pretty simple), then go at the mountain map (the first "floor"). There are two trees with holes in it. If you click on it you can deposit your "bug jelly" you just bought to attract bugs. You can collect those the next day. There is also a tree at the river which works aswell.

velka (uploader)

the updated version - #!ZGJykCwB!FKkKrV20YlX1SC-53xjVMC519rXb86WdPF9T40NUnyU
@velka i add to torrent url but it doesn't work how can i use it? i mean update ver.
if you want to complete all side girl this is my guide -black hair at the mountain you collect fish and bug sell to her. -red hair you need to sleep at the beach until heart message popup then you can fuck her by clicking it. -shop girl you need to watch every her video (in laptop) and click the bear then you can fuck her. -gym girl you need to run at the mountain (51enegy req) then back to her do her mini game and fuck. -loli at the playground you dont need to win her game just clicking her(on her phase) till her climax she'll pee. and next time you must do it again you'' able to fuck her. for 3p you wait husband leave her and fuck a girl very very loud then other girl will hear you and come to join. 4p same as 3p but you need to do it in 3p.
@yushacum How do you unlock 3P and 4P in the shop, though? Those icons are still locked for me and it's not letting me unlock them. Same with the new icons that were added in the updated version. It's not letting me unlock those either and I can't figure out why.
only way is fuck girl really loud and others girl will coming herself then 3p will unlock after that
have anyone unlock blonde hair 80%>100% yet she is one girl i didnt finish T T

velka (uploader)

thats' mega link i don't post updates torrent releases, don't have free time for it. full link looks like this - https://mega.nz/ #!ZGJykCwB!FKkKrV20YlX1SC-53xjVMC519rXb86WdPF9T40NUnyU remove space, it's common manner of mega link releases
Okay, so I somehow managed to gunlock 3P and 4P. But, not by getting caught by the other girls while doing it with one of them. I just completely maxed out all three of them and played through the ending of the game. And, after that, when I went to free mode (third option in the pain menu) they were unlocked. Now, I just can't figure out how to unlock the three new ability icons that were added in the updated version.
@velka thank so much :) btw i saw they had released 1.04 20mins ago haha xD
@t1pak the other 3 skills are unlocked in the next update, which released around 30 minutes ago
@ramaxionist Ooooh, okay. Well, hopefully someone will post that one, too. I'm curious to see what the animations for those skills are. lol
Can someone guide me for the Blue Sister ? I just can't seems to get past 40%...
When I start the game and play it on my computer it's really laggy the whole time. Is their a way to fix this?
you can get patches from their site https://ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/2024/article
Anyone knows how to use value cheats? Cheat engines shows up the money value but changing it does not affect the game :(
cant get past blue hair sister 40% with maxed blue bar as well, anyone knows?
@usamiharu when you fuck and one girl appear in the bar pink a bomb what is this there are an option where you cumming on her????
@Surume i assume you mean to cum? cause if so then just click middle mouse button and the character cums Also im stuck progressing with the Aunt. The main character already dried humped her in the kitchen but i dont know what to do after that.
@RyanTheGaloGuy faults sometimes when you're dry the child is just finished and returns when you do sex you've done the route of the beach girl is wrong with an image?
@RyanTheGaloGuy faults sometimes when you're dry the child is just finished and returns when you do sex you've done the route of the beach girl is wrong with an image yes i know when he is cumming but i want to know how she is cum because when the finished day the child drawn a picture where she is cumming
how do i fill the blue bar to full?