[Ekikon Kenkyuukai / 液魂研究会] Mama Is A Debauched Slave [English] (Mama wa Inran Niku Dorei / ママは淫乱肉奴隷)

2019-09-05 15:02 UTC
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![alt text](https://img.dlsite.jp/modpub/images2/work/doujin/RJ158000/RJ157385_img_main.jpg) This is an unofficial translation I made for the game. I translated all dialogues and the main interface. Big thanks to Hoshi who helped me patch the game! This is based on the DMM version of the game which has less censorship and an extra scene. Please support the developer (it seems they are working on a sequel to this one): https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ157385.html https://www.dmm.co.jp/dc/doujin/-/detail/=/cid=d_081841/ https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/5046 You will need to set your system locale to Japanese or use a locale emulator to run the game correctly. To play, simply extract it and run the exe.

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  • Mama wa inran niku dorei ENG.zip (540.9 MiB)
Nice! Except that the movies don't play. I have the Japanese and translated .exe side by side in the same folder together with the .dll that came in this torrent but only the Japanese one plays the movies. The translated one only plays the sound with a black screen.

progste (uploader)

I just checked and the movies play normally both in the story and in the gallery, other people who played it had no issues. Maybe having it in the same folder as the other creates some conflict? Or maybe try to redownload it.
I'm having the same problem with these games, no matter where I download them from. I'm starting to think it's a graphics drivers thing, because it never gave me issues before, it only started when I got W10.
I have black screen in "Movies" Anything i can do about that?

progste (uploader)

Seems like more people are having the same problem... Please answer these questions: -Do you have your locale set to Japanese? -Which software did you use to extract it? (I use 7zip) -Do you encounter the same issues with other copies of this game? -What's your OS?
Here are my answers: -Yes I have it set to Japanese. -I always use WinRAR and it never gave me any issues. -Yes, no matter where I download the Ekicon games from, the problem persists. Sometimes the videos play but just once. Next time a video should play, black screen happens. -Windows 10 Home v. 1903 I've noticed that not only these games give me issues, many other games with animations now show a black screen. This never happened to me before while I was using Windows 7, only when I upgraded to Windows 10.
- Yes - 7zip - i have the jap version too still same stuff. - Win 10 home 1803

progste (uploader)

I have win10 but it's from a clean install, not an upgrade. Same thing on my laptop and they work there too. If the problem persists on the other games too it may be a bit of a pain to fix, it's almost like shooting in the dark... Try if anything changes running the game using ntleas https://archive.codeplex.com/?p=ntlea (sometimes even with locale things don't run perfectly) Try opening powershell as admin and run the following: sfc /scannow Do a clean install of your graphics drivers if you have an nvidia or amd card.
If you have installed any codec packs (ffdshow and so on), their settings might interfere with games playing video files.
A week later. Still Black screen on "Movie" scenes. I downloaded another game with the same developer and what i found out that the movie scene works "ONCE" then never again. like it blocks it somehow.
I can play it with no problem on my win10pro