Broken Things Risa PLUS THE ANIMATION (コワレモノ:璃沙 PLUS THE ANIMATION) [UNCEN][DLrip 1920x1080] - English softsubs / Kowaremono: Risa Plus The Animation

2019-09-01 00:46 UTC
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**Subs:** SubDESU-H **Additional timing & editing:** me *A sequel to Kowaremono: Risa The Animation.* ![alt text]( "Broken Things Risa PLUS THE ANIMATION") Prequel: **[Broken Things Risa THE ANIMATION](**

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  • Kowaremono Risa Plus The Animation (SubDESU-H) [UNCEN][DLrip 1920x1080][47E40C54].mkv (1.0 GiB)
is this watermarked / hardsubbed?

lucascba93 (uploader)

@erina It has an inevitable watermark of the place it was ripped from ( / kinda like how trimax shop watermarks their products too). It's softsubbed.
i see...thanks for the reply
anyone knows where to download the sub file for this? and for the prequel? TIA
Please do the prequel too

lucascba93 (uploader)

@asSes Well, the only RAWs available are from DVD (from Trimax), so it can't be 1080p tho 576p max
3 scene cuts in this. 5:00 scene cut, during Risa being spanked twice the (pointless) cut makes it to just be one 6:19 scene cut, when guy gets scissors and tells Risa he'll buy her a new pair and Risa says she doesn't want this and also a pan shot of her two stuff animal dolls 13:15 scene cut, when they dialogue about what would she do if she gets caught having sex, the scene of Risa holding to her balcony door from the outside is cut short very short along with the dialogue DVD mosaic 17:57 (based on HH video) Uncensored 1080p (but cut scenes) 17:34 I'm seeing a pattern here between this one and Risa Plus. Seems they cut they purposely cut parts where Risa is saying no that she doesn't want this (in plus, episode 2) and Risa episode 1 where she's tied up and is coerced into giving in..
@warui that is some good detective work. which versions should i get?