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### Forever Together... - A series by Audaz Japan "Forever Together..." (Japanese: ずっと一緒に…。) is a finished, small GFE series by Audaz Japan (the makers of Iyarashi - Relaxation - Comfort), starting in January 2015 with PSD-536, starring Yui Kawagoe, and ending in July 2015 with PSD-544, starring Sayuki Kanno. As with Iyarashi - Relaxation - Comfort, I have to commend the POV in this. The camera is pretty well-fixed at the position where most humans have their heads. Scene-wise, you only see the apartment from inside, except for one scene in PSD-544 where you have breakfast outside with Sayuki. In every film you have at least one meal with your girlfriend (Yui even feeds you in PSD-536, awww), usually breakfast and/or dinner, and a bath together. In three titles (PSD-536, PSD-541, PSD-542) you're welcomed by your loving girlfriend after a hard day of work, in the rest (PSD-540, PSD-543, PSD-544), you're being woken by your loving girlfriend with a good morning blowjob and/or sex. The first installment, PSD-536, actually is one of those titles that have a text description back when DMM/R18 still put in a bit of effort: "You and Yui are living together. You have been working overtime a lot, so you have accumulated a lot of stress and fatigue. Yui is worried about you. In order to make you feel better and to thank you for your hard work, she wants to spend the whole weekend together relaxing and doing her best to refresh your body and mind. She greets you with a smile as you get home late at night and does all she can to make you feel good when you leave for work the next Monday in volume 1 of this new series! How does some refreshment sound?" This pack includes (sorted by alphabetically): - PSD-536 - Forever Together... Vol. 01 Yui Edition (feat. Yui Kawagoe) - PSD-540 - Always With You... Vol.02 Yuki Edition (feat. Yuki Natsume) - PSD-541 - Always Together... Vol.03 Shino Edition (feat. Megumi Shino) - PSD-542 - Always Together... Vol. 4 Ayumi (feat. Ayumi Kuroki) - PSD-543 - Always With You... Vol. 05 - Yuki Edition (feat. Yuki Shin) - PSD-544 - Together Forever... Vol.06 Sayuki Edition (feat. Sayuki Kanno) All movies in this pack are in 1080p and all of them feature a single actress. The videos are entirely in POV. Typical action is vanilla sex in cowgirl/reverse cowgirl, missionary and doggy, plus blowjobs, handjobs, titfucking, groping, kissing, fingering, usually for foreplay. Covers and screens are in albums. They're sorted (like the description) by alphabetical order, but also have the code in the description underneath the picture, since covers are sometimes too low-res to read the code reliably. [Covers](https://imgur.com/a/I3RYZAO) [Screens](https://imgur.com/a/11LxpJZ)

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