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2019-07-14 12:38 UTC
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### Dirty Talk with Big Tits - A series by Dogma "Dirty Talk with Big Tits" (Japanese: 淫語パイズラー) is a 10-part (+ 1 compilation) series by Dogma. It's closely related to the Dirty Talking Pervert series by the same studio. The actress is in a completely dark room, talking to the camera and playing with herself. Usually, she wears bright pink leotard that shows a lot of cleavage. At first, she only starts playing with a dildo, which is at some point substituted for a real dick attached to a real guy, and it becomes pretty much POV sex with dirty talk. The final scene, somewhere between 30-45 minutes long usually, is straight up sex with a lot of talking. As this series is separate from Dirty Talking Pervert, you can imagine, by the name alone, that there's a good amount of tit action involved here, both for fucking and for groping. This pack includes (sorted by alphabetically): - DDB-236 - Dirty Talk and Mega Titty Fuck. Nachi Kurosawa - DDB-238 - Dirty Talking Titty Fucker. Mitsuki An - DDB-247 - Dirty Talking Titties Rin Aoki - DDB-261 - Dirty Talking Titty Fucker Yumi Kazama - DDB-263 - Dirty Talk & Titty Play Shiori Tsukada - DDB-276 - Dirty Talking Titty Fucker Chitose Saeguchi (feat. Chitose Saegusa) - DDB-288 - Dirty Talking Titty Fucker Mai Uchiyama - DDB-293 - Dirty Talk Titty Talker (feat. Kaho Shibuya) - DDB-295 - Dirty Talk Titty Fucker Mion Hatsuki - DDB-301 - Dirty Talking Titty Fucker Nozomi Mikimoto All movies in this pack are in 1080p, and all of them feature a single actress. Typical action is lots of groping and titfucking, plus kissing, handjobs, licking, light masturbation, blowjobs and vanilla sex in cowgirl, doggy, missionary. Covers and screens are in albums. They're sorted (like the description) by alphabetical order, but also have the code in the description underneath the picture, since covers are sometimes too low-res to read the code reliably. [Covers](https://imgur.com/a/WQdUJkF) [Screens](https://imgur.com/a/RCsePv0)

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  • Dirty Talk with Big Tits Megapack
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