Mamono Musume - Life with a Lamia / Mamono Musume to no Seikatsu ~Lamia no Baai~ / 魔物娘との性活~ラミアの場合~ [English]

2019-07-04 17:21 UTC
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![Image]( **Title**: Mamono Musume to no Seikatsu ~Lamia no Baai~ **Original title**: 魔物娘との性活~ラミアの場合~ **Length**: Short (2 - 10 hours) **Year**: Japan 2009-11-27, English Version 2019-07-03 **Developer**: Vanadis **Publishers**: JAST USA **Language**: English **Voice**: Japanese **Uncensored/No Mosaics** **Description**: Years ago, Light made a promise with his childhood crush, swearing that they would one day meet again to get married. Now, years later, he is surprised to find her standing on his doorstep! She's ready to pick back up where they left of, but there's a problem... she isn't quite what he remembered. She a stubborn tsundere lamia named Leimia, who is has arrived to bring her husband-to-be back to her tribe. Light isn't sure how to react to a lamia at his doorstep, let along one who wants to marry him. Light refuses her invitations, but Leimia won't give up that easy! She decides the best way to convince him is to move in with him. Not only that, she is determined to make him fall for her, and will do whatever she can to achieve that! Source: [JAST USA]( **Important**: 1. Install and play. **!!!** Thanks to koinzell-! **Screenshots**: ![Image]( ![Image]( ![Image](

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Those volleyball girls look quite happy in the screenshots but uhhh how about showing some pictures of the game instead? :-P
I really hope we get all of Vanadis games translated. Lots and lots of monster girls
What's going on with the screenshots?

superelmo (uploader)

Now I really start to wonder if there's really something wrong with the screenshots... :D
I swear it was volleyball girls o_o
am i seeing things? why are there volley ball girls?
Same here! I also saw some Volleyball Girls on the screenshots lol! Anyways thank you so much for uploading the installer version of this VN! Much appreciated!
tnx superelmo is there a and english patch or raw avaibalble can't find it anywhere maybe cuz it's old or noone has ever uploaded it

superelmo (uploader)

There's no English translation. You can see if there's English translation in vndb under "releases". Try searching on anime-sharing for the original release. I think one of the games still have working links there.
This looks nice! Thanks!