Ideology in Friction 1.03 [Eng]-[Uncen]-[Repack]

2019-06-15 13:23 UTC
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3.6 GiB
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First attempt at a repack. Please Seed. Game Info: Thanks progste.

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  • Ideology in Friction [Eng] [Uncen] [Clementine Repack].zip (3.6 GiB)
What else can be better than Uncensored?
Please support the authors by purchasing the game at MangaGamer.

clementine (uploader)

Can also purchase on Steam the download the patch form here:
is the sex scene animated?
its not even starting the installation always crash here. (Maybe my shit pc don't can play this, fuck).

clementine (uploader)

You could try force recheck in your torrent client and try again, other than that i'm not sure this is my first attempt at repacking so I might have messed up somewhere.
cant save. a japanese sentence popped up and wont let me save, any idea why?
same here i cant save,and there is japanese message popping whenever i tried to save,and its translated failed to save.Any help?
@Leinhart try to start a new game and choose 'skip the prologue', then you can save. it worked for me.
@yohane tried that but it didnt work too
@Leinhart try running as administrator. i dont know why but, when i open the game using just double click, the game doesnt let me save. when i run as admin, it let me save. so it probably is the same for you.
sweet running it as admin make it work like a charm,thanks man
@Lucio54 I have the same problem. The Setup file immediately crashes when I try to open it. Right click + "Run as administrator" does not work either.

clementine (uploader)

I must have messed up I will try a different method when I next upload.
There is a big patch. Can you please update?
please update the torrent, thank you
You can find save for this game here: