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### Super Sweet Cohabitation Life - A series by Ideapocket "Super Sweet Cohabitation Life" (Japanese: 甘すぎる同棲性活) is a 5-part series by JAV studio Idea Pocket, which started with IPTD-927 in July 2012, starring Kokomi Naruse and Tsubasa Amami, and has ended with IPZ-806 in August 2016, starring Kanna Yukishiro. This is another Girlfriend Experience series, though more home-based than the Virtual Date series by the same studio (https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/2703980). That means you'll get to feel the love of your favourite JAV actresses in full POV, which comes with the caveat of the camera drifting to the side occasionally, as is common in JAV, but it looks pretty mild from what I saw. The first three films feature two actresses each, which is unusual for this sort of setup. This pack includes (sorted by release date and alphabetically): - IPTD-927 - Tsubasa, Kokomi and I Have a Super Sweet Cohabitation Life Tsubasa Amami , Kokomi Naruse - IPZ-127 - My Super Sweet Cohabitation Life With Rio And Aino Aino Kishi - IPZ-602 - The Super Sweet Life With Jessica And Arisu Under One Roof. Jessica Kizaki Arisu Miyuki - IPZ-689 - My Idol Kana And I Were In A Super Sweet Cohabitation Life What If Your Girlfriend Was An Idol... All POV Special Kana Momonogi - IPZ-806 - My Super Sweet Cohabitation Life With Kanna My Girlfriend Is The Cooking School Teacher POV Edition! Kanna Yukishiro All movies in this pack are in 1080p. Typical action is vanilla sex in cowgirl/reverse cowgirl, missionary and doggy, plus blowjobs, handjobs, fingering, groping, kissing and such, usually for foreplay. Non-sexual interaction usually revolve around eating or bathing together. In Kana's movie you even get to wash her hair. Lucky you. Covers and screens are in albums. They're sorted (like the description) by alphabetical order, but also have the code in the description underneath the picture, since covers are sometimes too low-res to read the code reliably. [Covers](https://imgur.com/a/9zY4FGT) [Screens](https://imgur.com/a/WK5Bz9e)

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  • Super Sweet Cohabitation Life Minipack
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