[RPG] くえすと&クエスト~遊歴の王女オーレリィII編 / Quest & Quest - Tour Princess Orelei II (明日はどっちだっ!? / Ashita ha docchida!?)

2019-05-04 11:30 UTC
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[![https://imgfrost.net/data_server_2/1069/small/small_TourPrincess1.jpg](https://imgfrost.net/data_server_2/1069/small/small_TourPrincess1.jpg)](https://imgfrost.net/4k0ht3) [![https://imgfrost.net/data_server_2/1069/small/small_TourPrincess2.jpg](https://imgfrost.net/data_server_2/1069/small/small_TourPrincess2.jpg)](https://imgfrost.net/kp0nffuv) [![https://imgdrive.net/images/small/2019/05/04/5ccd77880f083.jpg](https://imgdrive.net/images/small/2019/05/04/5ccd77880f083.jpg)](https://imgdrive.net/img-5ccd77880f085.html) [![https://imgtaxi.com/images/small/2019/05/04/5ccd77866b929.jpg](https://imgtaxi.com/images/small/2019/05/04/5ccd77866b929.jpg)](https://imgtaxi.com/img-5ccd77866b92b.html) ■あらすじ■  『蒼と碧の諸国連合』に所属する小さな小さな国ダンドリオンの第二王女オーレリィ。  彼女は民の皆の役に立とうと国内を趣味と実益を兼ねて遊歴しています。  今回彼女が訪れたのは、王都への帰路途中にある小さな村。  立ち寄った村の皆の為に頑張ろうとするオーレリィ。  その影で暗躍する謎の2人組……   さて、彼女は無事の皆の役に立てるのでしょうか?   ■システム■  ごく普通のシンプルなRPGです。  難易度は低めで、ゲームオーバーはありません(拠点などから再スタート)   ■ボリューム■  H原画ベースは33枚。差分込み計150枚のボリューム。  プレイ想定時間は2~3時間。お手軽に楽しめる短編RPGです。  Hシーンは26シーン。シーン鑑賞完備。特定ボスキャラに敗北しなくても  シーン回収出来る安心設計です。 ■ジャンル■  フェラ/パイズリ/中出し/異種姦ほか ■注意■  ・ご購入の際はユーザー登録を是非お勧めいたします。   ゲストユーザーとして購入されますと、不具合修正やアップデート等を受けられない可能性があります。  ・体験版のセーブデータは製品版には利用出来ません。   予期せぬ不具合が発生する可能性がありますので、お気をつけ下さい。 __________________ Princess Orelei is the second sister of Dandelion Kingdom, a small nation in the Turquoise Alliance who enjoys traveling about the land meeting her people and providing practical help. One day on her tour she enters a small village. She's willing to work hard for their happiness. But what service do they need? * System Classic, simple RPG format No game over (restart from before the failed battle) * Content 33 base ecchi images, 150 total images incl. variations Playtime: 2-3 hours 26 sex scenes total. Freely enjoy replay scenes without having to defeat boss characters. * Fetish Blowjob / Breast Sex / Creampie / Interspecies Sex / and other

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  • Quest & Quest - Tour Princess Orelei II
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Anyone know why Andrewer got banned? He was such a good source for older games.
Why Andrewer got banned? You pwned 3/4 of the sources of this type still interesting on Sukebei, thq to the person who did that... *facepalm*
ya i would like to know why too
probably posted malware
So i combed through my downloads and found some to be positive based on VT result. RPGM VX games always have the same size for the exe so it's easy to detect whether there's something weird or not. Fortunately the game still sitting on my backlog even now.
pretty dumb, not having the reason of why a user is banned in a website about torrents. That is the most important thing one needs to know about a submitter when he has contributed plenty torrents when he gets bannered.