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### Making Babies 40 Times In One Day - A series by Zukkon Bakkon "Making Babies 40 Times In One Day" (Japanese: ハーレム子作り) is a 51-part series by JAV studio Zukkon Bakkon, which started with ZUKO-043 in November 2013, starring Anna Natsuki, Koharu Aoi, Arina Sakita and Riku Minato, and has sadly and surprisingly ended with ZUKO-139 in December 2017, starring Erika Kitagawa, Nao Wakana, Aki Sasaki and Rin Shiraishi. This long-running series is a favourite of many, judging by the frequence with which previous rips of mine have been downloaded. For those who don't know: You're always present in POV, the star of the show and the object of desire of four or more girls for pretty much no reason. There are some exceptions (like hypnosis, how convincing!) due to the variety of scenarios employed. Sometimes you're fucking a harem of relatives, sometimes you're fucking a sports team, your co-workers, or your staff of maids to name a few examples. All of this in the missionary position for the express purpose of procreation. Well, and a few other positions, but you get the gist, creampies aplenty. Basically, there's harems, orgies, creampies and all of it in POV. Occasionally, it will cut to things "you" as the main character wouldn't be able to see, when the main character isn't even in the room. This is usually done for exposition, and other than that, POV shouldn't be interrupted intentionally. This pack includes (sorted alphabetically): - AVOP-107 - The Young Housewife And The Entire Family Was Perverted So I Ended Up Making Babies With Them (feat. Ayumi Shinoda, Kaho Kasumi, Hibiki Otsuki, Erika Kitagawa, Aika, Ichika Kamihata, Nanase Otoha, Miku Abeno) - AVOP-217 - Elegant VS Naughty. Making Babies With Two Incredibly Sexy Families (feat. Ayumi Shinoda, Aki Sasaki, Kaho Shibuya, Yui Hatano, Erika Kitagawa, Aika, Yuki Natsume, Mikako Abe, Asami Tsuchiya, Rena Fukiishi) - ZUKO-043 - 4 Newly Wed Wives Want Your Babies (feat. Anna Natsuki, Koharu Aoi, Arina Sakita, Riku Minato) - ZUKO-044 - Fun Baby-making with 4 Chicks (feat. Ai Uehara, Yuuki Itano, Ruri Narumiya, Akari Takahide) - ZUKO-046 - Making Love 40 Times A Day With 4 Older Ladies (feat. Reiko Sawamura (Honami Takasaka, Masumi Takasaka), Yui Hatano, Haruki Sato, Nami Itoshino) - ZUKO-051 - 3 Stepsisters With Big Tits, They all Want my Sperm for Baby Making (feat. Akari Hoshino, Nana Aoyama, Mao Hamasaki) - ZUKO-052 - Four Sexy Relatives, One Day, And 40 Rounds Of Fucking To Get Pregnant (feat. Ruri Saijo, Haruki Sato, Yui Fujishima, Yuka Aoba) - ZUKO-054 - 4 Stepmoms Making Babies 10 Times In A Day (feat. Reiko Sawamura (Honami Takasaka, Masumi Takasaka), Ichika Kamihata, Yui Oba, Ayu Sakurai) - ZUKO-057 - Making Babies 40 Times In One Day With My Bride And Her Four Kids (feat. Mao Hamasaki, Ayumi Takanashi, Miku Abeno, Yuka Tachibana) - ZUKO-059 - My 4 Older Stepsisters Are Horny Gals Who Force Me To Creampie Them 40 Times A Day Kotono Suzukaze Riona Kamijo AIKA Roa Sumikawa (feat. Roa Sumikawa, Aika, Riona Kamijo, Kotono Suzukaze) - ZUKO-061 - A Day Spent Making Babies With A Hot-Bodied MILF 40 Times - Ayumi Shinoda Mao Ito Asahi Mizuno Risa Kasumi (feat. Ayumi Shinoda, Risa Kasumi, Asahi Mizuno, Mao Ito) - ZUKO-063 - My Little Sister In Her Friend Are So Hot I Pumped Them Full Of Baby Juice (feat. Hitomi Kitagawa, Riku Minato, Nanase Otoha, Yuria Mano) - ZUKO-065 - Resentful Babymaking With My Four Daughters (feat. Saki Ninomiya, Yuria Ashina, Misuzu Kawana, Yuria Mano) - ZUKO-069 - Baby Making With Three Doting Private Tutors (feat. Nanako Mori, Yuki Natsume, Ichika Kamihata) - ZUKO-070 - 4 Classmates Hit On Her Hard So She Decides To Make Babies With Them (feat. Yui Hatano, Ai Uehara, Ruka Kanae, Yu Tsujii) - ZUKO-073 - Big Stepbrothers Sexy Little Girls Learn To Make Babies (feat. Iku Natsumi, Shuna Kagami, Arisa Yoshi, Shiori Miyauchi) - ZUKO-074 - I Joined An Ultra Famous Sex Club To Make Babies (feat. Kurea Hasumi, Asahi Mizuno, Maya Kawamura, Nanase Otoha) - ZUKO-076 - My Sister And Her Colleagues Are So Hot So I Decided To Make Babies (feat. Azusa Itagaki, Kotomi Asakura, Asahi Mizuno, Kanako Ioka) - ZUKO-078 - Making Babies As An Assistant For Girls Who Draw Porn Comics (feat. Mikako Abe, Miku Abeno, Yuria Mano, Iku Sakuragi) - ZUKO-080 - The Service My Family's Maids Offer Is Way Too Good So I Wound Up Making Babies With Them (feat. Saki Ninomiya, Yuki Natsume, Nanase Otoha, Rina Aina) - ZUKO-082 - 4 Of Our Gal Stepsisters Were So Slutty I Ended Up Making Babies With Them (feat. Erika (MOKA), Yume Mizuki, Hikari, Aoi Matsushima) - ZUKO-083 - My Girlfriend's Older Stepsisters Were So Erotic I Ended Up Making Babies With Them (feat. Kaho Kasumi, Anna Anjo, Miku Aoyama, Yukine Sakuragi) - ZUKO-084 - Her Coworkers Were All Hot Studs, So She Ended Up Making Babies With Them (feat. Erika Kitagawa, Aika, Yuki Natsume, Anna Okina (Miho Ichiki, Yuuri Himeno)) - ZUKO-087 - Making Babies With My Four Younger Stepsisters (feat. Mai Usami, Airi Sato, Moa Hoshizora, Maria Wakatsuki) - ZUKO-088 - Summoned and Impregnated by Horrible Demons (feat. Aika, Mei Matsumoto, Miku Abeno, Rion Ichijo) - ZUKO-091 - I'm On A Training Trip With 4 Seniors From My Office So I'm Gonna Make Babies (feat. Kotomi Asakura, Saryu Usui, Azumi Chino, Nanako Tsukishima (Eririka Katagiri)) - ZUKO-092 - I Joined An Ultra Famous Sex Club To Make Babies 2 (feat. Ai Uehara, Aya Miyazaki, Saki Michishige, Shizuku Katayama) - ZUKO-093 - I Got Impregnated Because My School's Student Council is Too Strict (feat. Kurea Hasumi, Nanase Otoha, Minami Natsuki, Mai Hagiwara) - ZUKO-094 - These Big Booby Nursery School Teachers Will Raise Me Kindly And Gently (feat. Kaho Shibuya, Mika Hatori, Mao Kurata, Azumi Chino) - ZUKO-096 - My Super Strait-Laced Family Is So Seriously Erotic, I'm Going To Try For A Baby (feat. Ichika Kamihata, Sally, Nanako Tsukishima (Eririka Katagiri), Sae Kawakita) - ZUKO-098 - My Good-Girl Little Stepsisters Got Corrupted By A Slutty Relative Into Making Babies With Me (feat. Aika, Aya Miyazaki, Mizuki Hayakawa, Umi Hirose, Shuri Atomi) - ZUKO-100 - My Aunt And My Niece Were So Hot I Had To Impregnate Them (feat. Ayumi Shinoda, Yume Mizuki, Aimi Yoshikawa, Kanae Seta) - ZUKO-102 - From Nudists On Homestay! To Making Babies (feat. Aika, Mei Matsumoto, Sally) - ZUKO-104 - My Daughter And Her Friends Were So Hot So I've Decided To Make Babies (feat. Maya Kawamura, Sora Shiina, Sora Watanabe, Mao Torii) - ZUKO-106 - When I Met My Classmate Again She Was A Married Woman But She Was So Hot I Made A Baby Inside Her Anyway (feat. Kurea Hasumi, Saryu Usui, Hana Kano, Rena Fukiishi) - ZUKO-108 - My 4 Gal Stepsisters Are So Slutty I Breed Them (feat. Shion Fujimoto, Aika, Reona Maruyama, Sakura Tachibana) - ZUKO-110 - Retraining Of My Maids Is Complete, So Now It's Time For Baby-Making (feat. Kurea Hasumi, Miko Hinamori, Mai Hagiwara, Niko Ayuna, Yuri Asada) - ZUKO-111 - We Joined The Foundation For The Penis Research Center So We Could Get Pregnant (feat. Ruka Kanae, Kanako Ioka, Kanna Sakuno, Leroy Clara) - ZUKO-112 - A Group Of Best Friends Suddenly Transforms Into Girls And Starts Making Babies (feat. Nanase Otoha, Umi Hirose, Natsume Hotsuki, Ichigo Suzuya) - ZUKO-114 - Baby Making Sex At The Erotic Sensual Festival In The Village Of Big Tits (feat. Erika Kitagawa, Aimi Yoshikawa, Asahi Mizuno, Rina Ayana (Akari Nanahara)) - ZUKO-115 - Being Mean To 3 Little Stepsisters And Getting Them Pregnant 2 (feat. Miyuki Sakura, Mio Oshima, Kanade Mizuki) - ZUKO-117 - These 3 Flat Chested Little Stepsisters Are Jealous Of My Big Tits Girlfriend And Want To Have Babymaking Sex (feat. Shuri Atomi, An Sasakura, Yuna Himekawa, Minori Kotani) - ZUKO-119 - My Elite Family Succumbed To The Art Of Hypnotism Into Babymaking Sex (feat. Aki Sasaki, Mikako Abe, Ichika Kamihata, Umi Hirose) - ZUKO-120 - Overnight With A Famous Sex Club: Taking Seed From Every Member (feat. Ichika Kamihata, Maya Kawamura, Airi Natsume, Hana Kano, Remu Nishio, Karen Sakisaka, Mimi Yazawa, Sayaka Narimi, Ai Kayama) - ZUKO-121 - A JK Waiting For A Miracle Has Taken Over My House So Now It's Time For Babymaking Sex (feat. Yuzu Kitagawa, Mikako Abe, Tsubasa Aihara, Rika Mari) - ZUKO-123 - Making Babies Because My Strict Mom And That Friend Were So Sultry (feat. Kurea Hasumi, Waka Ninomiya, Nozomi Yuikawa, Riko Hanasaki) - ZUKO-126 - A Club Where You Can Play With Little Girls And It's So Fun Oops We Made A Baby (feat. Yuna Himekawa, Runa Nagazawa, Mimi Yazawa) - ZUKO-128 - A Chiropractic Patient Is Having Problems Making Babies With Her Slender Body (feat. Minami Natsuki, Tsubasa Aihara, Chiaki Sato, Nana Aiba) - ZUKO-129 - Cosplayer Babes Will Do Anything For A Photo Shoot, Even Babymaking Sex (feat. Kokone Mizutani (Rio Fujisaki), Ai Mukai, Noa Eikawa, Miki Aise) - ZUKO-137 - This Personal Trainer Is Getting Down And Dirty! She Was So Sexy I Decided To Impregnate Her (feat. Aika, Aimi Yoshikawa, Asahi Mizuno, Nanase Hazuki) - ZUKO-139 - 4 Of Our Gal Stepsisters Were So Slutty I Ended Up Making Babies With Them (feat. Aki Sasaki, Erika Kitagawa, Nao Wakana, Rin Shiraishi) All movies in this pack are in 1080p and all of them feature at least three actresses each. Typical action is vanilla sex in cowgirl/reverse cowgirl, missionary and doggy, plus blowjobs, handjobs, fingering, groping, kissing and such, usually for foreplay. A titfuck can be found here and there. It's almost exclusively shot in POV (with some caveats, as any JAV), and the girls that don't get to your dick often dirty talk to the camera, or busy themselves otherwise, e.g. by masturbating or licking the protagonist's nipples. Covers and screens are in albums. They're sorted (like the description) by release date, but also have the code in the description underneath the picture, since covers are sometimes too low-res to read the code reliably. [Covers](https://imgur.com/a/nKJHdw5) [Screens](https://imgur.com/a/dAMZtAp)

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