Doushin - Same Heart - Download Edition / Doushin ~Sanshimai no Etude~ / 同心~三姉妹のエチュード~ [English]

2019-04-13 22:44 UTC
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![alt text]( **Title**: Doushin ~Sanshimai no Etude~ **Original title**: 同心~三姉妹のエチュード~ **Length**: Short (2 - 10 hours) **Year**: Japan 2000-04-21, English Download Edition 2010-03-26 **Developer**: Crowd **Publishers**: Peach Princess, JAST USA **Language**: English **Voice**: Japanese **Uncensored/No Mosaics** **Description**: Meet the Suruga sisters, Ryoko, Maki and Miho. Ever since their parents died they've been living together, getting by as best they can and never feeling lonely because they've got each other. The Suruga sisters have a very special secret: due to an unexplained physical phenomenon, a sensation shared by one Suruga sister will be felt by the other two, no matter where they are. If one sister were to prick her finger, for example, the other two would feel the same pain...and if one of the girls becomes sexually excited, the other two will instantly feel the same emotions, no matter where they are or what situation they're in. As they go about their daily lives, each girl never knows when she'll become sexually aroused by the emotions of the other sisters, which certainly has some bizarre consequences for all three of them in this dramatic hentai RPG. Source: [JAST USA]( **Important**: 1. Install and play **Screenshots**: ![alt text]( ![alt text]( ![alt text]( ![alt text]( ![alt text](

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This game is amazing- Don't let the look fool you- I only wish there was ever another game like it.
The game isn't bad but it's very choice sensitive. And when I say choice, I mean selecting the right sisters at the right time to steer possible routes which can become really confusing for most players as the game gives zero clues about when the player should do that. That being said, if you can get past the unique game play style, I do agree with the poster above that it's quite the nice game.
Thank you so much for this game installer! Its a very unique VN and could also be considered revolutionary at the time! Thanks once again!
Is there an option for sound volume level? I can't seem to find any in the options.

superelmo (uploader)

Nope, change the sound volume from the Windows Volume Mixer.