Evenicle Rance / イブニクル・ランス版 [English Patched]

2019-04-08 20:17 UTC
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![Image](https://i.postimg.cc/sXJNXYc4/Untitled.png) **Title**: Evenicle Rance **Original title**: イブニクル・ランス版 **Length**: Short (2 - 10 hours) **Year**: Japan 2015-04-24, English Patch 2019-04-07 **Developer**: Alice Soft **Publishers**: Alice Soft **Language**: English **Voice**: Not voiced **Description**: If the protagonist of Evenicle was Rance... Was a pre-order bonus which stars Rance as the main character instead of Aster through the events of Evenicle up to the end of chapter 1. **Important**: 1. You need to change locale to Japanese. 2. No need to install. 3. Translation Readme: - All the text in the game should be translated. If you notice any untranslated text mention it in the thread and I'll try and fix it. - Names aren't translated because I can't find the file in ain (not that I looked particularly hard). Given there is a portrait for every line of dialogue I think you niwas can figure it out. - Skills aren't translated and the sex cgs are uncensored because converting the webp images to png and then importing is too much effort. This may change in the future. Rance starts at level 30 so this won't be an issue. - You may need to make a folder in your documents AliceSoft\イブニクル・ランス版\SaveData and another AliceSoft\イブニクル・ランス版\Screenshot in order to save/take screenshots. - Vote El for /hanny/ Captain -Evenicle Rance translation readme by Douzo, lad translations **!!!** The original Evenicle - https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/2511274 **Screenshots**: ![Image](https://s.vndb.org/sf/08/123008.jpg) ![Image](https://s.vndb.org/sf/09/123009.jpg) ![Image](https://s.vndb.org/sf/10/123010.jpg) ![Image](https://s.vndb.org/sf/12/123012.jpg) ![Image](https://s.vndb.org/sf/11/123011.jpg)

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LMAO Evenicle would be a better game if Rance were the MC
@xTen I disagree. Rance is an asshole and Aster is superior. Rance gets his girl stolen in Rance 1-3 cause they dont actually like him. His personality's so shit he can't stop getting cucked by his own heroines. After that he kinda becomes the Netori more often but his personality never improves. They legit gaslight him with the character Yarase who pretty much acts like Rance and you have to murder him in the game.
Agreed. Rance is pretty overrated for popularity. His personality is pretty retarded and though Aster isn't that amazing as a character, he is still much better in comparison. Then again, I am not a fan of rape so I guess it could be my personal bias against Rance. /shrug
I'm not a Rance fan either. The guy is a asshole, funny at times too but a asshole. I prefer Aster over him. Maybe the same guys who did this will consider doing Evenicle Gaiten too for the Kathryn scene. https://vndb.org/v20540 Hoping on Evenicle 2 to be announced soon Mangagamer.
fan of rance thought xDD
The dark vercion of this game... do not fuck, who happened to put this bastard in this game? Rance should be burned to the ashes... Aster is infinitely better than this asshole.
Wow never thought i see so many people commenting on this site just to say their opinion on Rance lol, he is a freaking anti-hero MC so he is supposed to be evil but at the same not like for ex. Darx from Bunny Black (which is pretty much Rance clone) that's like expecting something from Joker or any villains to act decently as a normal being sometimes makes me laugh looking at this comments because people tend not to try to understand the personality of the char and their role.
@usamiharu Here the problem is not rance, they have replaced Aster by Rance in a game focused on a public that likes the opposite of what is the character Rance, the character in this game is Aster which is the opposite of Rance, Can you imagine how people who like Rance games would feel if they suddenly publish those games with Aster replacing Rance's character? Would not you feel that rance games are being desecrated by a character totally opposed to Rance's? Well that's what we feel now people who play this game and we see this character violate Aster girls. I'm not a fan of Rance but I see it in very bad taste that this guy appears in the games of other characters.
@Cezak What are you on about mate? im literally talking to people who kinda hate Rance not the game itself lol i literally didn't mention a single thing that this is about the game i mostly talked about the character.
I'm curious, is this like a re-write of the game till Chapter 1's end, as in making it more rap...I mean, more Rance-y, or just some assets in-game changed to have Aster's portrait / sprite / overworld model / name in dialogue etc. switched to Rance?
Evenicle has rape though. The fanbase isn't that different -- the people who commented here are the "oddballs" of said fanbase. ...That said, I would prefer my Evenicle without rape, too.
Rape that wasn't instigated by the MC... for the most part at least. If it was, I'd have dropped this game like a hot rock.
@Cezak Speaking as someone who likes Rance... no, putting Aster in Rance's games wouldn't bother me at all, it would be interesting to see how he deals with that stuff. Then again, maybe I like Rance because I'm not super sensitive or easily triggered. So there's that.
Aster > Rance Regardless i wanna play the new rance game when it comes out. I already finished Evencile and its great but i don't think i'll be playing this game.
Fuck Rance i find that guys very annoying and assholish as a MC
Rance my lovely crazy guy he really desrive to be the mc xD


man its all personal preference, I for one love Rance and the whole series and while I did play this game, I found it ok and mostly because the MC made it boring and predictable.
buncha fuckin queers in these comments
Aster actually is not that bad as a character. But Rance-sama have no comparison. And the girls that get "cucked" from him are usually nothing more for him than cocksleeves he don't give a shit about and he already cummed inside them till boredom.