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2019-04-06 16:54 UTC
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### Maid Room Service - A series by BeFree "Maid Room Service" (Japanese: 御奉仕メイドRoom) is a 10-part (+ 1 compilation) series by JAV studio BeFree, which started with BF-460 in June 2016, starring Kirari Hoshizora, and has, for now, ended with BF-530 in January 2018, starring Akari Mitani. This is a little different than other maid films, where the maid is usually your slave, essentially, and services you in POV. Now, these films have a lot of POV too, don't get me wrong, but this series breaks a lot of conventions there. While POV isn't taken very seriously in Japan in general, these films often feature shots that completely show the male actor's face, which is rare in POV JAV. All-in-all, it feels more like a movie where the guy has ordered a prostitute and she came dressed up as a maid rather than her being an actual maid. This pack includes (sorted by release date and alphabetically): - BF-460 - Service Maid Room Kirari Hoshizora - BF-479 - Devoted Maid Room, Misaki Honda - BF-483 - Evening Service Housekeeping Maid Mayu Suzuki - BF-494 - Subservient Maid Room - Yuna Himekawa - BF-505 - Service Maid Room Natsu Rian - BF-509 - Service Maid Room. Tsubasa Hinagiku - BF-515 - The Maid Room, At Your Service Natsuki - BF-518 - The Service Maid Room Sakura Kirishima - BF-526 - The Hospitality Maid Room Minori Kawana - BF-530 - Honored Maid Room - Akari Mitani All movies in this pack are in 1080p, and all of them feature only a single actress. They all get fucked, usually in missionary, doggy, cowgirl and some reverse cowgirl, and suck some dick, often as foreplay or in one of the shorter scenes. At times, there's some masturbation, fingering, groping, handjob action, sex toys (like massage wands and vibrators), light bondage (like blindfolds and ankle cuffs) and some tit-fucking. Covers and screens are in albums. They're sorted (like the description) by release date, but also have the code in the description underneath the picture, since covers are sometimes too low-res to read the code reliably. [Covers](https://imgur.com/a/NrpSDBS) [Screens](https://imgur.com/a/XzTteYi)

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  • Maid Room Service Megapack
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