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2019-04-05 20:15 UTC
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### Rubber Lady - A series by BeFree "Rubber Lady" is a small 3-part series by JAV studio BeFree, which started with BF-427 in December 2015, starring Kaori, and sadly seems to have ended quickly with BF-442 in March 2016, starring Hana Haruna. It's comparable to Das' Kat Lovers series, only in this one a variety of latex clothing is worn, whereas Das uses catsuits almost exclusively. The movies always start off with the girl in regular clothes, which she then exchanges for a latex outfit or accessories. Then it's sex in a variety of latex outfits all the way to the finish line, though there are occasional non-latex items like regular (presumably cotton) bras involved. This pack includes (sorted by release date and alphabetically): - BF-427 - Rubber Lady A Girl Who Gets Turned On By Rubber KAORI - BF-437 - Rubber Lady The Woman Who Is Turned On By Rubber Hina Kinami - BF-442 - Rubber Lady Women Who Get Horny For Rubber Hana Haruna All movies are in 1080p, and all of them feature only a single actress. They all get fucked, usually in missionary, doggy, cowgirl/reverse cowgirl, and suck some dick. At times, there's some handjob action, sex toys (usually vibrators and massage wands), some tit-fucking, and lots of groping through the clothes. Covers and screens are in albums. They're sorted (like the description) by release date, but also have the code in the description underneath the picture, since covers are sometimes too low-res to read the code reliably. [Covers](https://imgur.com/a/VCZRQu7) [Screens](https://imgur.com/a/nsxJo0Q)

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