[1080p/FHD] 72-Hour-Fuckfest After a Girl in a Tight Dress Drinks a Love-Potion! Minipack (CJOD) No Watermarks

2019-03-31 00:07 UTC
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### 72-Hour-Fuckfest After a Girl in a Tight Dress Drinks a Love-Potion! - A series by Chijo Heaven "72-Hour-Fuckfest After a Girl in a Tight Dress Drinks a Love-Potion!" (Japanese: ボディコンお姉さんが媚薬を飲んだら72時間ド淫乱化!) is a 5-part series by JAV studio Chijo Heaven, which started with CJOD-048 in October 2016, starring Yuria Satomi, and sadly seems to have ended with CJOD-094 in August 2017, starring Sho Nishino. The girls always wear the famous Japanese bodycon dresses, with large cut-outs up the hip and waist. The variants here go a bit further and tend to have cut-outs all the way to the girl's breasts, hell yes. You can see them on the covers, especially on Meguri's (CJOD-078) and Sho Nishino's (CJOD-094). For the most part, they keep their clothes on, though they do get pulled to the side or down in almost every scene at some point. Since they don't get naked and try to keep their outfits on as long as is feasible, I think it's fair to classify this series as CFNM. As the title states, the girls are fed aphrodisiacs. In contrast to drunk girl themes or girls getting roofied, this means they are very active and eager, so much so that every installment has at least one scene where the guy is downright put in bondage so he can't escape the hungry pussies. This pack includes (sorted by release date and alphabetically): **CJOD-048** - An Elder Sister In A Tight Dress Drinks Down Some Aphrodisiacs And Turns Into A Horny Bitch For 72 Hours! Tied Down For Creampie And Squirting Sex I Was Serial Cumming So Hard I Was About To Pass Out... Yuria Satomi **CJOD-074** - When This Elder Sister In A Tight Dress Drinks Some Aphrodisiacs, She Transforms Into A Horny Slut In 72 Hours! Once I Have Her Locked In Place, It's Time For Some Creampie Sex, Squirting, And Multiple Ejaculations Until I Lose Consciousness... Yuka Hodaka **CJOD-078** - When An Elder Sister In A Tight Dress Takes Some Aphrodisiacs, She's A Non Stop Whore For 72 Hours! Unable To Move, I Was Forced To Endure Endless Creampie Sex And Squirting Until I Came Over And Over Again... Meguri **CJOD-084** - If This Woman in a Tight Dress Drinks an Aphrodisiac, She Turns into a Slut for 72 Hours! With Him Unable to Move She Takes Creampies and His Cum All Over Her Until the Poor Fool Can Barely Stay Conscious Ai Sayama **CJOD-094** - Smoking Hot Babe In A Tight Dress Takes An Aphrodisiac That Drives Her Wild For 72 Hours! Unable To Move: Creampies, Squirting, Jizz After Jizz Until You Can't Cum Anymore... Sho Nishino All movies in this pack are 1080p and all of them feature only a single actress. They all get fucked, usually in missionary, doggy, cowgirl/reverse cowgirl plus some unconventional positions that I honestly can't name, and suck some dick. At times, there's some handjob action and tit-fucking. You can find a footjob or two as well, and a bit of masturbation. As the titles of the films suggest, creampie finishes are ubiquitous. [Covers](https://imgur.com/a/S3wqMhQ) [Screens](https://imgur.com/a/6HBq0gI)

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  • 72-Hour-Fuckfest After a Girl in a Tight Dress Drinks a Love-Potion Minipack
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