[VR / non-VR version] [ENG / JAP] Rふたなり女王様 -もみじの甘々前立腺調教 / VR Futanari Sexaroid MOMIJI (Mitarashi Dango)

2019-03-20 08:22 UTC
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[![https://imgfrost.net/data_server_2/1069/small/small_MOMIJI1.jpg](https://imgfrost.net/data_server_2/1069/small/small_MOMIJI1.jpg)](https://imgfrost.net/kve4z77o) [![https://imgfrost.net/data_server_2/1069/small/small_MOMIJI2.jpg](https://imgfrost.net/data_server_2/1069/small/small_MOMIJI2.jpg)](https://imgfrost.net/lrpeca) [![https://imgfrost.net/data_server_2/1069/small/small_MOMIJI3.jpg](https://imgfrost.net/data_server_2/1069/small/small_MOMIJI3.jpg)](https://imgfrost.net/jqstsgr1t) [![https://imgadult.com/upload/small/2019/03/20/5c91ef3b45617.jpg](https://imgadult.com/upload/small/2019/03/20/5c91ef3b45617.jpg)](https://imgadult.com/img-5c91ef3b4561a.html) [![https://imgwallet.com/images/small/2019/03/20/5c91ef3cd80c3.jpg](https://imgwallet.com/images/small/2019/03/20/5c91ef3cd80c3.jpg)](https://imgwallet.com/img-5c91ef3cd80c5.html) * Your Futanari Dominatrix' Sadomasochistic Discipline in Realtime 3D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Overview] This is a Realtime 3D/VR game for masochist males. Please enjoy virtually experiencing a course of pegging disciplines given by your futanari sexaroid named "M001-MOMIJI". There's no problem if you do not have a VR headset. Recommended for those who love futanari girls and femdom and have masochistic desires! [Features] * A wide variety of plays with full use of Real-time 3D + Femdom + Futanari! * Covers softcore to hardcore masochistic situations! * Over 90 minutes of sweet and sadistic verbal abuses! * Japanese voices are lip-synced! (no subtitles) * Interface in English for easy navigation! * Breasts, penis and balls jiggle realistically thanks to the physics engine * Employing "spatializer (3D audio technology)", you will listen to her as if she is there (only for VR) * Free touching (only for VR) * Choose your favorite room out of three choices! * Dress-up system implemented! You can dress/undress her anytime! * Pose mode implemented! Customize your dominatrix with a variety of clothes, rooms, poses and expressions! * Photo mode implemented! Cut the choicest moments out! * Can be controlled with a numeric keypad (only for non-VR) * JOI with dirty words on bed implemented! She continues teasing you until you fall asleep!

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